ZotFish’s Response To My Criss Angel Question

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I was thrilled to find out when I got home that ZotFish had actually taken the time to respond to my Criss Angel question attempt personally. While I am bummed that things didn’t go as planned, I applaud ZotFish for their quick response to something like this. I really was hoping that perhaps I could have gotten some KROQ involvement before it got to this point, but I never knew for certain that they would get involved to begin with. I am going to send out an e-mail to the Kevin and Bean show and let them know about the question being taken down, but I do plan to direct them to my blog just in case they are still interested in how things went. Oh, and if you’re wondering what ZotFish had to say about the question, here is the response I got:

Hi Mike,

Congratulations on getting your question up to the #1 spot!

I appreciate the enthusiasm — ideally everyone would get that many of their friends to register and vote on their questions. Of course, we’ll have to remove it due to its harassing content, since we are launching a serious site.

We welcome all questions of yours that aren’t offensive, however.


Again, there are no hard feelings with ZotFish and I wish nothing but the best for the site. I think it is a great concept and if they can get it to work and if they can get some responses from the celebrities I think it will be an incredible site. Again my purpose for this was simply to cause some buzz and hopefully have the opportunity to potentially get KROQ and some of their listeners involved in something that would be overall quite amusing. Obviously Criss Angel would have never answered, but the buzz alone would have been worth every ounce of effort.

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