There Can Be Only One!

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As anyone in the search engine optimization industry knows, the Overature Keyword Selector tool is about as reliable as Britney Spears showing up in court. But today, the tables turned. I often use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool when researching keywords for my clients, but today I was disappointed to find that their tool was not displaying search volume data for any of my keywords.

Rather than utilize some of the less reliable free tools, I decided to go ahead and try the Overature tool in hopes that maybe it worked…To my surprise, it worked. Granted it was not without error, but after about the third attempt I was able to get past the “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error and view some results.
This odd event has lead me to believe that, “There can be only one!”. It seems that when Overature is non operational I can rely on Google for search traffic information, yet when Google fails me Overature is happy to oblige.

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