The Criss Angel is a Douche Bag and ZotFish Experience

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So as I promised the other day, today is the day I planned to wrap up the ZotFish and Criss Angel posts. Sadly since then there have been no further developments; so I thought I would take this opportunity to simply recap the events from day one.

Last Friday Mashable did a review of ZotFish, a website that provides a means for the general public to ask celebrities, politicians, and athletes questions. The idea behind the site is that people post questions and people on the site vote for the questions. The more votes a question gets the better chance the question has of being answered by the person being asked. I was curious to see if any celebrities had in fact answered and what celebrities were featured. As I browsed through ZotFish I discovered that the magician Criss Angel was one of the available celebrities to ask a question. I decided to test out the site with a humorous question for the emogician based off of a running joke on the Kevin and Bean show heard weekday mornings on the Los Angeles based radio station 106.7 KROQ.

The pressing question I decided to ask was, “Why are you such a douche bag?”. Following my post of the question I decided to take the idea and run with it. I generated a small buzz here in the office and was able to get quite a few colleagues to vote for my question. I then took it to the next level and contacted members of the Kevin and Bean show in hopes of getting some on air buzz on Monday.

I continued my personal promotion of the question support, and by 2:45PM PST my question reached the top position with 12 votes outranking the likes of Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton. The question sat at number 1 for nearly an hour and a half before it was sadly removed from ZotFish. In a funny twist they also removed Criss Angel from their celebrity database.

When I got home I discovered that Michael Baldwin of Zotfish personally responded to my attempt with an e-mail. You can read the e-mail in ZotFish’s Response to my Criss Angel question, but basically he just explained that he appreciated my efforts but obviously it had to be removed due to the harassing nature of the question. Following the question takedown and his response I contacted the Kevin and Bean show so that they were aware that the question would not be there come Monday and I also wrote a response to Michael thanking him for the e-mail and letting him know the backstory on my efforts.

On Saturday I got responses for both Michael and Bean from the Kevin and Bean show regarding my attempts. Michael responded with, “Was amusing” and Bean simply followed up with a “very funny. good effort though!!”.

Though my attempt at getting radio hype for my efforts failed I definitely learned a lot from this. First I learned that with the right subject matter you can start a decent buzz fairly quickly, but I also learned that if you are going to do something like this you need to take it slow so that you aren’t caught in the act early on. I was in no way trying to do this maliciously or as a way to thwart the serious efforts of ZotFish, I simply wanted to experiment with the site a little and hopefully build some hype around something that Kevin and Bean show fans would quickly relate and respond to.

That said, I again want to commend ZotFish and Michael Baldwin for their quick takedown and response to the question. If they want their site to be a successful one they will need a quick response time like this, especially as they grow in popularity. As the site gets bigger I am sure questions like this will become an everyday occurrence, and the more bogus questions users and celebrities see, the less serious they will take the site.

If you’re interested in reading about these events as they unfolded including images of the questions ranking and the takedown of Criss Angels page follow the links below. They are in the order in which they were posted.

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