Flashback Friday: Weekly Search & Social Recap January 8, 2010

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It’s no surprise that the first week into the year our RSS readers, twitter streams, and Facebook walls have been overflowing with posts looking back on 2009 and looking ahead to 2010.  Throw the Google Nexus in the mix and it was nearly impossible to find a signal shrouded in all the noise, but believe it or not this week actually had a decent chunk of decent posts.

2009 and Looking Ahead to 2010

While you’ve been pelted in the face with these all week, there were definitely a handful of these posts that deserve a read.

A Decade of 21st Century SEO – It’s hard to focus on what’s ahead of you if you don’t know where you’ve been.  In the last decade SEO has come a long way, and Jill Whalen does a great job looking back at some of the highlights of the search industry over the last decade.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 – One of my annual favorites, Tamar Weinberg has again put together an extensive list of internet marketing posts from the last year. The ideas and concepts shared in these posts are almost always timeless and a great resource to hold on to.

Link Building Trends for 2010 – The Link Week writers over at SEL pull together to give their thoughts on link building in the year to come and things you should seriously be considering and thinking about.

100+ SMB Blogging Ideas to Kick Start 2010 – Not sure what to write about over the next year? Lisa Barone’s got you covered with over 100 blogging topic ideas for the year to come.

David Harry’s Everything Search 2009 Recap

I remember Dave doing an outstanding job in 08 recapping all of the important search patents from the year and bringing them together in individual posts, but this year he hammered us with an arsenal of posts looking back on 2009 with the Top Picks of 2009 series.

Top SEO posts from 2009
Google Search Patents 2009
Yahoo Search Patents
Microsoft Search Patents 2009
SEO News 2009
Local, Social and Tools 09
SEO Videos 09

Social Media

Professors Teaching Social Media – As social media becomes more mainstream, we’re left to wonder how it will tie into a marketing or web based college curriculum.  Samir Balwani has been exploring professors who teach social media and has begun a twitter list to showcase some professors already in the field. From the time of the post Samir’s list has already begun to grow.


Advice for the Newbie In-House SEO – We’ve all been the new guy or gal at some point or another, and sometimes it seems impossible to figure out where to start. Patricia Skinner outlines some key concepts to have in mind when starting your new in-house SEO gig.

You Can’t Optimize Cardboard – A great post that explores the value of trust in regards to SEO. You can SEO a site all you want, but at the end of the day you need to call a spade a spade and if your online presence is absolute garbage, the consumer and the search engines are going to recognize you as just that.

Tools to Use and Learn hCard Format – While a lot of search marketers are still torn on the value of microformats and hCard’s there’s definitely a lot people still exploring their value, especially in the local search realm. Ann Smarty shares some great tools for mastering hCard format.

That’s it for this weeks Flashback Friday, hopefully you’ve found a post or two that flew under your radar this week and you have found to be valuable.  If you have any additional posts that you found of interest over the week please feel free to share them in the comments. I always love reading new things and discovering new search and social blogs.


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