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So it’s been a while since I have posted. A lot has gone on, some good some bad. Misty and I have been in the midst of some of our hardest times ever. I’m still unsure what is happening, where things are headed, or how she is feeling. Everything is in a bit of a whirl. We fight, we get along, we fight, we get along, we get distant…

On the bright side of life work seems to be getting better. Talk of promotion has been casually thrown around some more, hints of job openings in higher positions are thrown around, and I am building a solid work relationship with those I trust around me. This is really good since I have been in dire need of extra support in my current uphill battle with the lead that is currently above me. I have to possible options coming up at this point, in any case I will be pleased. First off management could make me the “B Lead” which means basically I take all closing lead shifts over the “A Lead” and in the absence of the “A Lead” I would take their shifts. What does this mean for me you ask? Five lead shifts a week instead of two, which means a significant increase in income. My second option is to apply for an “Emerging Leader” position if it opens up. If I was accepted for this position I would basically be payed salary and would be taught the skills of a manager. This would mean a significant increase in income.
In the end my biggest need is to move out of the current position I am in. I am working above expectation and in the opinion of many at work deserve more.

In other life excitement I have started the quest for friendships via the internet. I’ve sadly started scanning chat rooms, message boards, and profiles to find friends to talk with or even eventually hang out with. It sounds pathetic, but after losing so many friends and starting my life over these past few years I miss having a variety in my social circle. Not that the friends I currently have are inadequate, it’s just that they are not always available or around and have busy lives. I have found a lot of interesting people via the Yahoo! Member Directory, however none of them want to respond to my IM’s. This brings me right back to square one. Anyone want to be my friend??

Finally the wedding…Misty and I have been ripping our hair out over our invitations. We have come to a final layout for them, but have not decided for certain what is going to be on the front of them. The only nice thing about making our own wedding invitations and save the date cards is that we get to add our own touch and get scrapbooking materials in the process. The save the date cards are complete and all we need is a number to send out. Our invitations on the other hand are still in limbo. I have one more idea we are going to try this weekend before we move on.

Misty’s B-day is Thursday, and her b-day get together will be on the first.

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