My Response To Michael Baldwin of ZotFish

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After my last blog post and my e-mails to the Kevin and Bean show, I decided I would take a moment to respond to the e-mail I received from Michael Baldwin of Zotfish regarding the events that took place today. I wanted to make sure that it was all in fun, and also let him know that I appreciated his e-mail and applauded ZotFish’s efforts to stop bogus questions such as my own. Here was my response:

Hi Michael,

I appreciate the e-mail; know that the Criss Angel attempt was all in fun. However I did cover the events of the day related to it on my blog and gave ZotFish some link love as well as some recognition for the sites efforts to thwart my question. If you’re interested feel free to check it out at

Warmest Regards,

Mike Wilton

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