Make Money on America’s Favorite Pass Time

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No this has nothing to do with baseball, so all you guys can put your baseball cards away. I’m talking about American’s other favorite pass time…Sex!

No, I’m not talking about prostituation, so don’t be afraid I am going to tell you to whore yourself out. I recently came across an article that ABC ran on their website about amatuer porn stars making money for their videos. The thing is, these aren’t your amateur up and coming girls and guys, these are every day people like you and me trying to supplement their income while exploring their voyueristic fantasies.

According to the article, a new service from pays couples for their home sex videos. XTube makes money through visitors paying anywhere from $0.50 to $2.50 to view the amateur footage and then gives the stars of the films a percentage of the earnings.

Last month the site offered it’s users a 60% cut from the earnings, however starting next month amateur filmmakers will only get 50% of the revenues. Antoinette, a 25 year old woman they interviewed for the article is an interior designer, and says for her “20 minutes of work” she makes anywhere from $500 – $600 a month.

I took a peak at XTube’s amatuer section just to see what it was about, and it is in fact your run of the mill everyday guy and girl on their. Sure, they have their kinks, but we all do…we just don’t broadcast it online. And those of you who have always wanted to, may now have a profitable outlet.

So that leads me to my next question…Would you participate in such a service? In the story of Antoinette, she doesn’t even show her face, so the sex acts are completely anonymous. Would you show the eyes of the internet your hardcore sex acts knowing you wouldn’t be identified and had the potential to make hundreds of dollars a month for doing something you already enjoy doing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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