Google Local Reverts To Old Phone Verification Process

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So for the last couple of days I’ve had to do some Google Local listings for clients and I noticed that Google has perhaps reverted back to it’s old phone verification process.  For some time now you were given the option to have Google call you immediately or in 5 minutes.  However, upon clicking finish when adding or updating a list and selecting phone verificationI have since been receiving the following screen:

Google Local Phone Verification Screen

Seems that Google has gotten a bit impatient with the whole phone verification process, which sucks for those of us who need to follow up with the client first.  The good news is that you can still go back in and request the call again later, but I’m pretty sure one of my clients has gotten two random calls in the last couple of days wondering why the hell they are getting an automated PIN via phone.  Shame, shame Google!

UPDATE: Upon doing some more work with the listings it now appears that Google has changed the phone verification process completely.  In the past you would get a PIN and enter it when they called you.  Now, instead, they call you with the PIN and you have to input it online.  Talk about a pain when it comes to setting these up for clients!


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