Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag

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If you are a fan of the Kevin and Bean show, which is aired weekdays on the Los Angeles based 106.7 KROQ, then the title of this post is familiar to you. Kevin and Bean have an ongoing joke about Criss Angel being a douche bag. However, I have taken his douchiness to the next level.

Earlier today I read’s review of ZotFish, a new website designed to allow the general public to ask celebrities, politicians, and athletes questions. ZotFish allows users to ask questions and then the more votes the questions get the better chance they have of being asked and/or answered by celebrities. As I browsed the celebrities featured on ZotFish I discovered they had magician Criss Angel listed.

Being the wise ass I am, I decided to create an account and ask the pressing question, “Why are you a douche bag?”. I have since contacted the whole Kevin and Bean morning show about my efforts in hopes that they will give me some on air hype to get more votes. The morning show has made similar efforts with Rachel Ray in an online question form. My hope as that they will aid my efforts in the same way.

You can view the Criss Angel page which features my question at If you’re interested in helping me hype this please sign up and give my question a vote!

Update: As of 2:45pm PST this is how this effort is going for me
Criss Angel - Why are you such a douche bag?


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