How I Made My Colleague A Tranny Whore

Filed Under (Design) by Mike Wilton on 16-02-2008

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So for Valentine’s Day I made some photoshop magic for one of my coleagues. On Tuesday my whole department went out for Sushi at lunch to say our farewells to the departments longest lasting member. During lunch my old manager and one of my co-workers were discussing one of the new admins in the department, and I was telling them the story about her first day when she asked me what kind of cookie I would be.

Of course, that prompted a response from the both of them, and Zak Nicola made the mistake of choosing ginger snap as his cookie choice. Of all the cookies in the world, why ginger snap I asked. He wasn’t able to give me a good reason, however I came to a conclusion of my own…Ginger Snap is his alter ego, his tranny whore weekend persona.

Following the lunch I IM’d my former manager and asked her to send me a picture of Zak so that I could turn him into Ginger Snap. The following night I spent a few hours perfecting the image and created his tranny whore alter ego, Ginger Snap.

The image was a hit at work, both Zak and the whole company LOVED the image. Zak was so amused he posted one in the hallway to celebrate V-day, and even gave a copy to our director, who was disturbed at the least. Needless to say, Ginger Snap is probably one of my best Photoshop mockery’s to date…

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