Stone Temple Nirvana?

Filed Under (music) by Mike Wilton on 26-03-2010

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So if you haven’t heard yet, Stone Temple Pilots are back with a brand new single called Between the Lines.  Local radio station 106.7 KROQ started playing the song recently and after hearing it for the first time I found a distinct similarity between it and Nirvana’s “Stay Away”.

Any die hard Nirvana fans that have heard the song probably picked up on the similarities as quickly as I did.  When Between the Lines reaches the bridge it goes into a sequence that is very reminiscent of the verses to Nirvana’s “Stay Away”.  Below are clips from the new Stone Temple Pilots song Between the Lines and a clip from Nirvana’s “Stay Away”.  What do you think? Strong similarity or blatant ripoff?

Between the Lines Bridge

Stay Away Verse