The Retail Babysitter

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First let me just say that while this is yet another rant about the Hispanic community, this worsening trend is not just limited to them. People of every race have been spotted doing this, however I will say that the Hispanics have pretty much dominated what I have seen. This could be due to the geographical location and demographics of my area, but regardless it’’s ridiculous.

A few nights back Misty and I were at our local Wal-Mart shopping for some last minute Halloween tricks and treats for this years Monsters Ball. As you walk into our ““Friendly South Corona Wal-Mart”” you are greeted by the new trendy air blown Halloween snowglobes. Sadly, we walked into the Wal-Mart watching 3 young Mexican boys kicking the shit out of it as though it were a kickboxing practice bag. I was appalled, but what was more appalling was the fact that their parents were nowhere to be found, and if they were they obviously didn’’t mind their destructive behavior.

Here’’s what amazes me most about this particular story:

  1. These boys were probably no older than 4.
  2. It did not appear that there was a single adult supervising them nearby
  3. The sheer lack of respect for someone else’s property

I write about this because I see it slowly becoming a bigger trend, particularly in the Hispanic community. Misty and I are shopaholics thus I see this on a regular basis. You will find a handful of toddlers sitting in the toy section of your favorite retail store playing with loose toys and occasionally opening toys to play with them. I have started calling it Retail Babysitting because I see many of them planted there by their parents telling them to sit there and play while they shop.

First off in the sick world we live in why would you leave your child ALONE in a store like that? In a world of pedophiles and perverts I would never leave my toddler alone even if they are occasionally with their slightly older brother or sister. By slightly older I mean between the ages of 7 and 10. It just doesn’t make sense.

Second the toys in the toy section are there to be purchased, not to be used and abused like a play area. They are not there to occupy your children while you roam the rest of the store.

Lastly when your unsupervised children open and destroy the toys and products in the store you are costing consumers money. The same way that shoplifters cost consumers money. If the store can’t sell the product they lose money and when they lose money they pass the loss on to the consumer.

Nobody should leave their child unattended in a store. Bottom line. I don’t care if you black, white, red, yellow, purple, green, or blue. Don’t leave your kid alone to do as they please in the store, especially in the toy section. If I were a pedophile or pervert I think the first place I would look for kids in a store is the toy section. Furthermore nobody is going to watch your kids for you. Sure Wendy the Wal-Mart employee is stocking the shelves in that area, but she’s doing just that. She’s not watching your children. Nor will she know what happened to them when they suddenly go missing.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you are in the same store as them. You’re on the opposite end of the store. A lot can happen between toys and housewares. You can’t see your children and they can’t see you.

It’s time for the Hispanic community to start doing something about this. I’m not sure if it’s a culture thing or just sheer ignorance, but it needs to end. It’s almost as though once your children can walk you let them take care of themselves and roam freely. The truth is they can’t and their 7 year old brother or sister can’t either. Sure the older sibling can definitely help out, but they should not be given the responsibility of adult supervision. I see so many members of the Hispanic community treating their children like a burden or inconvenience more than a member of the family.

Perhaps I am the ignorant one and I just don’t under Hispanic culture, but god dammit I get tired of bratty kids ruining my shopping experience. I get tired of Hispanic kids running through the toy aisles chasing eachother with swords, throwing balls, opening toys, and laying sprawled out in the aisles playing with toys. I hate watching them destroy everything they touch and then leave a disaster area in their path. I hate that I see babies sitting in the aisles gnawing on a toy that they have no intent on buying. When I have kids the last thing I want is your toddlers filth all over the toy I am buying them. It’s disgusting and considering the trend your child is probably putting their mouth on a toy that some other persons baby was gnawing on 20 minutes earlier. What’s worse is that it appears as though it never phases the parents when they are there. They never discipline them for it or make them stop. They ignore it.

To the parents of these children:

  1. Start supervising your children.
  2. Teach them some fucking values (Respect, Dignity, Manners)
  3. Recognize the daily threat that there are people out there who would love to hurt or sexually assault your children.

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