Verizon Wireless: Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Again and It’s Terrible Customer Service

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Grumpy Bear Hates Verizon WirelessYou might recall back in February when I posted about wanting to cancel my service with Verizon Wireless.  After almost 10 years of service with the company I felt completely let down as a loyal customer and was ready to walk.  At the time it was my second attempt to try and upgrade my phones early and get some sort of break, but the company refused to budge.  Even after speaking with multiple sales people and a store manager, I left the Corona Crossings location empty handed.

After a few months of shopping other providers I was teetering on the idea of whether or not to give Verizon another chance.  After all for over 7 years now the company has had exceptional service, it wasn’t until this past February that they really disappointed me.  So today, when my wife went to pay our cell phone bill and inquired about upgrading and was told we could upgrade to the Blackberry Storm at a significantly discounted rate, AND charge it to our monthly bill I decided now was a better time than ever to give Verizon Wireless a chance…Boy was I wrong.

This evening my wife and I went into the store tinkered with the Blackberry Storm for a bit and both decided it was in fact what we wanted.  The sales manager we were dealing with confirmed that we were in fact eligible for the upgrade as well as the Blackberry promotion to buy one get one which made the two Storm’s and a few accessories just over $200.  When we expressed that we wished to charge it to our account the manager told us that he wouldn’t know if we were eligible for that until the end (Something the other salesperson that my wife spoke with earlier failed to mention).

Though wary because of past experiences like this I told the sales manager to go ahead and proceed and after about 20 minutes in the store we are disappointed to find out that we are apparently ineligible to receive the charge to our account because we have had a few late bills and a few instances where our phones were shut off.

I’ll admit that we don’t have a perfect track record, but even in the instances where our service has been disconnected we have paid the amount needed to have it reconnected within an hour of it going down EVERY time.  Not to mention if you look at my nearly 10 year history with them it’s only gotten to that point over the last year or so due to various hardships we had run into.  Again after some serious aggravation and discussion I again was forced to leave the store empty handed because the manager couldn’t do anything for me.

My biggest problem with this situation isn’t that we were denied billing the phones to our account, I get that there are consequences for late payments and such; my problem is that the salesperson my wife spoke with previously said we could and he had our account information in front of him at that time.

Even more so I am upset because this is the second time this particular Verizon Wireless store has let me down.  The biggest kicker here?  They won’t let me out of my contract until August yet they have failed to hold up their end of the contract and provide me the kind of service I expected from them when I signed that 2 year agreement.  Why are so many companies during these tough times doing even worse to keep customers happy?  Why in a down economy do you want to turn away customers willing to spend the money, it just doesn’t make sense.

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