Third Time’s A Charm

Filed Under (Musings) by on 02-23-2010

Over the years Musings For A Darkened Room has taken on many shapes. It’s main focus in 2007 was to act as a personal hub for thoughts, musings and other rants about anything and everything.  But as I began blogging more I found that I was focusing on the SEO industry and Social Media industries more, and randomly peppered the blog with other random posts about a potpourri of topics I enjoyed.

As my SEO and Social Media career has advanced and I have become more involved in the industry as a whole, built up relationships, and developed a network of followers and friends I feel that it is time to serve them best with a dedicated search and social platform that isn’t a hybrid of all of my other interests.  In the coming months I will be revealing a new project that is aimed solely at search and social media, and will feature more frequent updates on all things search and social.

At that time Musings For A Darkened Room will revert back to it’s original incarnation as a personal blog with a variety of subjects to be covered.  I can guarantee you’ll get some music posts, green living posts, possibly a few Twilight related posts and a number of other personal anecdotes and musings that are always floating around in my head.  For my search and social followers, I will update this blog with information on the new project as soon as it launches so that if you wish to update your feeds with the SEO and social media specific blog you can.

I appreciate all of my readers, and I thank all of you for the good times and interactions we have had over the years and I hope that many of you will continue to read Musings For A Darkened Room and become more familiar with the personal side of my life.

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