The Parts Play Out In Your Head

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Would you like me to make it up so it fits within your script?
Tell you of our time between the sheets?
Tell you of the passion in our kiss?
I wish I could just to shut you up
Sadly none of it is real
I’d  tell you of the sweet taste of her sweat and the way her heart beating with mine feels

Are you ready to call out action?
Ready for quiet on the set?
So we can finally play this out the way it plays out in your head
Is this the part where I’m supposed to leave?
Or is this where we share a warm embrace?
With all these recent revisions I’m having trouble keeping pace

You’re the one directing tell me how and who I am
In this scene am I acting as the husband or am I the guy falling for his friend?
Quick tell me please I’m struggling to follow the lines that you have scribed
I’m quickly falling out of character and quickly losing sight of mine

Should I take this next scene improv?
Work on the story you’ve composed so far?
Should I take her by the hand as we run away beneath the stars?
She’ll leave hers and I’ll leave mine we’ll start our stories new
It leaves it open for a sequel, but in the script no role for you…


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