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So I’ve been throwing this idea around in my head in regards to my Google Reader and how long it takes me to get through each day. I have 219 subscriptions in my reader covering topics from SEO and Social Media to Graphics Design and Writing. The idea I had was having my peers, Twitter followers, and readers pick my Google Reader subscriptions.

The idea itself still excites me and I think it could be awesome if executed properly, but the execution is what I’m having trouble with. How do I filter out blogs people are just throwing at me to get a link on my blog? How do I choose the maximum number of blogs I want to have? I still want to keep a diverse list of blogs on my favorite subjects, but I want to cut it down to the best of the best. Finally how can I get my peers, followers, and readers to chime in on it? Do list off all 219 blogs and let people pick through them or do I have people suggest their favorite blogs and take the top picked blogs out of the bunch?

So this is where I need your help. Is my idea completely insane or do you think it could be executed if done correctly? I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas and if I use your idea I’ll be sure to give you some love if/when the project comes full circle.


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