Musings As An Art Form

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Though I was able to get a post up on Musings yesterday discussing what broadcasting radio can learn from social music sites, it may be another week or so before I can give the blog as much attention as I would like to.  I’ve had to shift my writing focus over to a series of posts I had planned for the company blog.  Unfortunately due to recent developments I’m going to have to pump them out faster than I initially anticipated.  The first in the series went up today and is titled I’m a REALTOR®, Not a Writer and it discusses the importance of getting your website content situated before you worry about any other facet of your online presence.

However, while my focus has been elsewhere I didn’t want to leave my readers empty handed.  I was just getting a chance to catchup in my RSS reader, which has also slightly fallen on the wayside, when I came across a post that mentioned the word cloud generating site Wordle.

I had come across Wordle sometime last year, but at the time my cloud wasn’t very impressive so I didn’t do much with it.  Since my blog has obviously grown significantly in the last year I decided I’d give it a whirl and sure enough we’ve got art!  So I present to you Musings in the form of art!

Musings For A Darkened Room Wordle Word Cloud


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