Fuel for the Weekend Friday Vol. 2

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Happy Friday everyone!  Welcome to my second installment of the new feature on my blog, Fuel for the Weekend, where I will review five energy drinks on flavor, energy factor, smell, and more.  Last week I took on five from Monster Energy and this week I decided to take on Mountain Dew’s Amp Energy.

Amp Energy

Amp EnergyThe original energy drink from the makers of Mountain Dew doesn’t fall far from the tree.  When you crack open a can of Amp Energy you get a wiff of a familiar citrus smell that Mountain Dew drinkers will quickly associate with, but the Mountain Dew kick doesn’t stop there.  Amp Energy carries a citrus flavor, with a strong lime kick that reminded me a lot of Mountain Dew itself.

One thing I noticed about Amp Energy is again, much like Mountain Dew, the drink creates a bit of a film in your mouth and keeps a citrus flavor for a significant time after drinking it.  Fortunately for fans of Amp, I found that the flavor consistency continued even after the drink sat at room temperature so this drink can last you through the morning and still be pleasing to the pallette.  The downside I found to Amp Energy is that the energy factor just wasn’t there for me.  I didn’t find the kick to be much more than that of your everyday soda.

Amp Energy Sugar Free

Amp Energy Sugar FreeAmp Energy Sugar free is the “diet” version of Amp Energy.  Boasting being “low on calories, high on power” Amp Energy takes their classic flavor and strips it down for the more health concious drinkers.  Sadly they stripped Amp of much of it’s taste with this dieth makeover as well.  Amp Energy Sugar Free has a very light citrus smell that isn’t noticable upon opening the can.  Sadly, what it lacks in scent it also lacks in flavor. Amp Energy Sugar free tastes like a watered down version of Amp Energy.  It still has the citrus taste, but nowhere near as strong as that found in Amp Energy.

Amp Energy Sugar free also packs a bit of a punch in the carbonation department.  I found that Amp Energy Sugar Free had a bit more of a bite to it in terms of carbonation when you drink it.  What I found most interseting about Amp Energy Sugar Free was that as it got warmer the taste got sweeter.  It’s almost as though the sweetness is somehow enhanced by warmth.  Again, the energy factor is sub-par in my opinion and only packed about as much punch as your average soda.

Amp Energy Overdrive

Amp Energy OverdriveWhat many would call the “Red Amp”, Amp Energy Overdrive is the cherry flavored variation of Amp Energy.  Cracking open a can of Amp Energy Overdrive gives you a sweet inviting smell of cherry when you first open the can.  Sadly, the sweetness ends there.

The flavor of Amp Energy Overdrive reminded me a lot of drinking grenadine straight.  It doesn’t posess the sweet cherry flavor so many soft drinks have come to posess.  Instead it contains the more bitter flavor similar to that of a real cherry or grenadine.

Like the Amp Energy Sugar Free, Overdrive has a bit of a bite to it in terms of carbonation and doesn’t go down as smooth as the original Amp Energy.  Long term falvor on Overdrive is also lacking since it seems to get worse in taste as it reaches room temperature.  The one plus to Overdrive is that the yerba mate ingredient seems to give this one a bit more of a kick in comparison to other Amp’s.

Amp Energy Elevate

Amp Energy ElevateThe “blue Amp” introduces us to the berry variety of Amp Energy.  It’s scent is very pleasing when you first open the can and reminds me of my days as a youth enjoying the rasberry blue Blow Pops.  This enjoyment continues with your first drink of Amp Energy Elevate as the berry flavor tantilizes your taste buds, but sadly the great taste is short lived.  Amp Energy Elevate is quick to have a bitter after taste, which screams of artificial flavoring.  Over the course of the morning the bitterness in flavor got worse, which leads me to beleive that this is an energy drink that should be consumed almost immediately.  The energy factor with Elevate was so-so, but definitely had more kick than the original Amp Energy.

Amp Energy Traction

Amp Energy TractionGrape variations of any soft drink are always hit or miss in my opinion.  Grape seems to be one of those flavors that has to be spot on or it just doesn’t cut it.  When you first open a can of Amp Energy Traction you are introduced to a very pleasing grape aroma, sadly it is misleading.  What follows in flavor is terrible.  Amp Energy Traction screams artifical flavoring, and to me tasted like I was drinking grape Kool Aid powder.  The flavor is tart, chalky, and just overall unpleasant.  I choked this one down in hopes it would at least still give me a jolt, which fortunately it did.  Aside from the energy factor and pleasant aroma Amp Energy Traction is a terrible energy drink…

Overall this weeks winner is the original Amp Energy, but only for flavor alone.  The energy factor is not enough to make me want to go out and buy Amp again and when comparing it to the other options available this week it’s strong lime flavoring was superior to the artificial flavor travesty found in its other varieties.

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