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Welcome to the first of what I hope is a long series of blog posts on Musings for a Darkened Room.  A lot of blogs have fun Friday posts on their blog;  CJ over at Science for SEO does the infamous TGIF posts which feature interesting finds and funny musings, and of course Search Cowboys does the ‘Weekend Reading List‘, so I thought it might be kind of fun to open up Fridays to share my thoughts on something people surprisingly ask me about quite a bit.

I am an avid energy drink consumer.  I for a long time drank an energy drink a day and bought them by the case.  Because of my drinking habit more and more people have come to ask me if certain energy drinks are good or if I’ve tried certain energy drinks.  So I’ve decided to take my love of energy drinks and people’s wanting to know my opinion on them to start this new blog series called Fuel for the Weekend Friday.  I titled it Fuel for the Weekend because I felt that since this series of posts will go up each Friday you can try some of these drinks to give you that extra boost to party all night or get up and get going after a late night of partying.

Each Friday I will review 5 energy drinks. Where possible I will try and group the same brand of energy drink together if they offer a variety of  flavors or types and I will highlight AT LEAST the following four aspects of each drink:

  • Scent
  • Flavor
  • Energy Factor
  • Cold vs Warm Flavor Variations

I include the cold and warm flavor variations because I usually enjoy my energy drinks through the course of a morning and so by about 7:30 or 8:00 the chill factor is long gone from most of my energy drinks, so keeping a consistent or pleasant taste is always a must in my book.

For my first week I have decided to go with one of the more popular brands out there; Monster.  I chose Monster for a couple of reasons.  First their Lo-Carb variety is one of my favorite energy drinks out there and second, they are brewed here in my home town of Corona, California.

Monster Energy

Monster EnergyWhen you crack open a can of Monster Energy you are greeted with the familiar fruity, almost bubble gum-like scent that is possesed by many of the energy drinks on the market today.  Unlike many energy drinks Monster Energy goes down smooth.  When you take that first drink you aren’t hit with a bite or any sort of bitterness that many energy drinks posess, instead  Monster Energy is quite sweet with a hunt of citrus.  I enjoyed the Monster Energy drink for this review over the course of my lunch and the last part of my afternoon and I was happy to see that it in fact kept a consistent flavor even when at room temperature.  While the flavor is much more crisp and refreshing while cold, it’s definitely drinkable at room temperature.  The energy factor for Monster Energy is decent, while it didn’t give me the jolt or hyperness I have experienced with other energy drinks, it was definitely a good afternoon pick me up which lasted through the remainder of my day.

Lo-Carb Monster Energy

Lo-Carb Monster EnergyI tried my best to not be biased on this one since, as I mentioned before, Lo-Carb Monster Energy is probably my preferred energy drink.  The interesting thing I found about Lo-Carb Monster Energy, which I hadn’t paid much attention to in the past, is that it doesn’t have much of a scent.  What faint scent it does carry is similar to the regular Monster Energy, but is so faint I literally had to sniff the top of the can to get a whiff of it.

Carrying on with the tradition of Monster Energy, Lo-Carb Monster Energy has a very sweet flavor to it without any sort of bitterness or sour kick to it.  One thing I did notice about the Lo-Carb Monster Energy is that it posseses a bit more of a bite to it in terms of carbonation.

Another thing to note in regards to Lo-Carb Monster Energy is that after taking a drink the flavor seems to stay on both your lips and mouth and becomes even more sweet to the taste.  Again, not noticing this prior to this review, I found it to be a pleasant surprise while drinking it.

Finally Lo-Carb Monster Energy withstands the warmth test by far.  Again like Monster Energy it is much more crisp and refreshing when cold, but it’s flavor does not deteriorate when warm.  The energy factor for Lo-Carb Monster is quite similar to the regular Monster Energy in that it doesn’t give you any sort of joly or hyperness, but gives you a decent boost to start your day or get you back into the swing of things.

Monster Assault

Monster AssaultMonster Assault is one of the more “exotic” blends of the Monster Energy family.  With a camaflouge can “because it looks cool” and a a call to “Declare war on the ordinary!” Monster Assault is definitely far from ordinary.  When you crack open a can of Monster Assault you are introduced to a very sweet aroma.  The first sip introduces you to a spicy, almost cider-like, flavor.  I wasn’t very fond of the flavor in particular mostly because it reminded me too much of the spiced cider I’ve drank during the Christmas season in the past.

While it does have a bit of a spice to it Monster Assault does manage to go down quite smooth while still cold.  I did notice over time that the flavor starts to get worse as the drink gets warmer and at room temperature the Monster Assault reminds me of a cheap generic cola that has gone flat.  The degenerating flavor I experienced made it a bit harder to choke the rest of this one down.  Furthermore the energy factor seemed almost non-existent for me.

Monster Khaos

Monster KhaosDo you like orange juice? Do you like energy drinks? Ever wish you could mix the two and enjoy them over your morning breakfast? Well now you can thanks to the makers of Monster Energy.  Monster Khaos is plugged as “Energy + Juice” right on the front of the can and boasts a slogan of 50% Juice – 100% Monster” on the back.

When you crack open a can of Monster Khaos you will smell a hint of orange, since orange juice is one of seven juices packed in to every can of Monster Khaos.  In addition to orange juice every can of Monster Khaos also blends apple, pear, peach, tangerine, pineapple, and white grape juice, but you’d never guess it if you didn’t read the ingredients.  The orange juice dominates this drink both in scent and flavor.  In my opinion Monster Khaos tastes like a carbonated version of pretty much any canned orange juice on the market, be it from Monster’s parent company Hansens or even Minute Maid. The flavor is very bitter and flat and doesn’t carry the sweetness or tang found in most fruit juices on the market.

The nice thing about Monster Khaos is that if you like the flavor it does keep a consistency even at room temperature and additionally the energy factor matches that of both Monster Energy or Monster Lo-Carb Energy.

Java Monster – Russian

Java Monster - RussianRussian is one of the eight varieties of “Coffee + Energy” that is offered by the makers of Monster Energy.  The premis of the Russian is a take on the adult coffee beverage of the same name, minus the alcohol.  When you open a can of Russian you are instantly hit with the pleasant aroma of caramel and coffee.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, upon drinking you will find the delicios caramel and coffee combination you experienced when you opened the can will now tantilize your taste buds with a smooth and rich coffee and caramel blend.  However, like most coffee drinks, it does leave the bitter coffee after taste.

The Russian keeps a consistency in flavor at room temperature and definitely packs a punch in terms of energy.  The Russian gave me a bit of a jolt on the morning I drank it and was a great pick me up for the morning.

Overall this week I think that the Lo-Carb Monster Energy drink and it’s carb filled counterpart Monster Energy are probably your best bets in terms of flavor, consistency, and energy kick.  For the coffee lover I would definitely recomend giving the Russian a try, as it will both entice your taste buds and give you that extra boost to get you through the morning.


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