Fat Fish and 100 Monkeys

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(The Following is a guest post from Kristina Sanchez)

It all started when my best friend Ali lured me out of tame Orange County to Los Angeles with magic words like “delicious sushi” and “Jackson Rathbone”. An impromptu night on the town!

Fat Fish

The set up at Fat Fish is fairly simple. Delicious sushi goes by on a conveyor belt on color coded plates. The plates are anywhere from $4-$10 and contain the simple sushi pieces to ornate, mouth-watering rolls. Miso soup comes with every meal. Soda and tea are available to be served, but if you want to bring something from the alcohol store across the street, they will gladly ice it, pour it and serve it to you. At the end of the meal, they add up your plates to see how much you pay.

Stick with me, my story gets better. After 7, it’s happy hour! This means everything is ½ off. If that weren’t enough, after 9 it becomes what I’ll call REALLY happy hour. This means everything is available for $2 a plate. Special dishes, such as urchin, are available for a flat $8 fee, regardless of the hour.

The setting of Fat Fish is contemporary and relaxed. The wait staff are warm and friendly. At a price that ended up being cheaper than what I usually pay for at, and with a selection that surpasses the all-you-can-eat places I’ve been to, Fat Fish is wonderful, scrumptious experience. I’d say the only downside here is the embarrassing stack of plates you end up with by the end of your meal!

100 Monkeys

After dinner came dessert in the form of Jackson Rathbone’s band, 100 Monkeys performing live at Crane’s Tavern.  Rathbone is most known for his role as Jasper Hale from last years blockbuster film Twilight. While I knew that Jackson had a band, I hadn’t had a chance yet to check out their music, so I went in blind. Now, I’m always up for anything even vaguely related to Twilight and its talented cast, but I pondered Ali’s reasons – not being a Twilighter. Jackson, she informed me, was the only “Cullen” she found attractive. Obviously, there’s something wrong with the girl’s eyes (and Jasper is a HALE, thank you very much), but I digress the point.

I had mused that it seemed unwise for Jackson, having been photographed in Vancouver on Friday and slated to begin filming for New Moon on Monday, to be in L.A. performing. As it turned out, he wasn’t in L.A. The very first thing I noticed, peering through tight fairly tight-packed crowd of maybe 50 people, was the lack of Jackson on the stage. The second thing I noticed was the guy in the banana suit dancing in the crowd!

I’m not going to pretend that I know the names of songs I heard. 100 Monkeys was already mid-set, as we walked in shortly after 10 PM. The music was catchy and easy to get into. We caught a couple of basic rock-type tunes before the band, singer Ben Graupner happily proclaiming “Time for a switcheroo!”, switched to a soft ballad-type song. “A swaying song!” the exuberant banana man said happily. I was glad because the little room was hot and I was very surprised that he hadn’t died of heat exhaustion. They ended with a number that showed Ben Graupner’s impressive vocal range. His voice turned to a deep, throaty, sexy rumble that sent banana man, and the rest of the small crowd, into happy, bouncy convulsions.

100 Monkeys is the third band I’ve seen in intimate, bar-type venues and by far the best experience. They have a good flow and a beat you can move to. The members themselves are inviting, enthusiastic and completely in love with their audience. If you can catch a live show, I’d highly recommend the experience.

About Kristina Sanchez

Kristina SanchezNo stranger to Musings For A Darkened Room, Kristina is the author of the witty blog How To Be A Customer and an aspiring screenwriter.  Kristina previously entertained readers with her three part series Debunking The Anti-Twilight Propaganda where she took shots at critics who feel Edard Cullen is an abusive boyfriend, Bella Swan is a wallowing weakling, and the relationship between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan is unhealthy.  The series was a huge success and earned this blog as well as her own a lot of Twilight lover and hater traffic.


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