Debunking the Anti-Twilight Propoganda Part III

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It’s almost here!  At 12:01am I will be enjoying the film Twilight, a film which I have been anxiously awaiting for the last couple of weeks.  I have been counting down the days until the films release this week by posting a new Twilight related post each day.  On Monday I introduced guest blogger Kristina Sanchez, an aspiring screen writer, author of the blog How To Be A Customer, and die hard Twilight fan.  Kristina has since generously given us some amazing insight into Twilight and why so many of the people who are against it are wrong.  Yesterday we took a break from Kristina’s posts so that I could share with the world my Breaking Dawn soundtrack, but today Kristina is back with her third and final post in this series. Again be reminded that if you haven’t read the complete Twilight Saga that there are some spoilers in this so read at your own risk! If you didn’t catch the first two be sure to head over and read Edward Cullen: A Thin Line Between Abusive Teenage Boyfriend and the Perfect Man and Bella Swan: Human Heroine or Pathetic Wallowing Weakling?.

And So The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb

When it comes to the Twilight haters I hear the word “unhealthy” being tossed around more than curse words in a Kevin Smith movie. Watch a few nightly news specials and everyone’s got a degree in pop psychology these days.These complaints are generally broken down into three categories.

When Edward Leaves

Is Romeo and Juliet not taught to every high schooler? Quick break down of Shakespeare’s classic: He’s a horny, fickle teenage boy and she’s a moon-eyed, besotted teenage girl. They over dramatize themselves into an early grave taking a couple of others with them.

Where Shakespeare’s tragedy is the very essence of teenage, human love, Twilight portrays perfectly the deepest and most pure of loves. As any perfect thing, that love is entirely fictional. Like the vampires and werewolves that grace its pages, a love like the one they share very simply does not exist on this mortal coil. In this mindset, when you reevaluate Bella and Edward’s actions while apart, their choices seem reasonable and obvious.

First Edward as, being fictional already, his feelings are more easily explained. Meyer’s describes her vampires as being forever frozen not only in age but in personality as well. As such, for them to experience the bond of love is for them to undergo a change that is etched into the core of who they are, changing them permanently. Unlike humans, whose hearts can heal with time, a vampire who loses his mate cannot be healed. Imagine the utter agony that is a freshly broken heart, and then imagine that the pain will never lessen, never dull – and you can live forever. Also, don’t forget that for a vampire, every single memory is as fresh as the moment it happened and they cannot even seek the relief of sleep. Death is really the only thing you can ask for.

Then, Bella comes under fire for her “pathetic” reaction to Edward leaving her. We’d all like to believe that we can be strong during a break-up but more often than not, this is when we’re at our weakest. What we must understand about Bella is that the love she feels for Edward will not dim or change because it was never a normal, human love. In addition, she’s lost not only Edward but an entire family, an entire other existence she’d wanted to be a part of. That would be devastating to anyone.

The level of their obsession for one another

Ironically enough, Bella and Edward were probably the biggest fans of this particular complaint during the early days of their association. Throughout the series Meyers takes very obvious pains to thoroughly define a “normal” love and then to set them apart from that. Look at the evidence: Bella resists marrying Edward through 2 books for no other reason than the fact she knows how it will be perceived. “…aren’t you going to say that I sound exactly like every other infatuated teenager since the dawn of time?”
She asks her mother after she’s finally agreed to marry him.

And then the whole Jacob situation was Bella dealing with a normal, human love, and a fairly ideal one at that. Yet as easy and wonderful as it would have been, Bella grieves the loss of that love for a single night where she would have gone to her grave feeling the hole Edward left inside of her. Yes, Bella and Edward are illogically obsessed with each other – but they also exist in a world not bound by time and other things that keep our lives in a constant flux of change. Because their time-line is infinite, they can put each other at the focal point of their existence.

Their unhealthy relationship

I’ve heard this one tossed about a lot with nothing to back it up – probably because there isn’t much of anything to find. We’ve already debunked Bella’s subservient behavior (snort) and Edward’s abusive, controlling side, so what else is there? Bella and Edward are somewhat ideal. Yes, they both make mistakes, but in general they are entirely open with each other, always affectionate, able to compromise and for chrissakes, they didn’t even have sex until after they were married. Perhaps they were referring to how unhealthy it is to be around a person who is constantly on the verge of murdering you, but this is more a plot point than a dangerous idea for even the most impressionable of minds.

Believe me, it took me a long time to understand the reasons why I love this series with the passion that I do. You won’t find a harsher critic than I, so I can understand and accept the fact that anyone could dislike this series. But in an age where so few people – young and old alike – pick up a book, words like unhealthy, pathetic, weak, abusive and controlling should not be thrown around lightly and without understanding. A friend of mine once told me, “I can’t stand Eminem’s music but I can appreciate the beauty of his talent and the artistry of his words.” It was to his credit that he tried to see the appeal so he could be firm in his distaste and the reasons for it. Dislike Twilight if you please but take the time to understand it before you turn someone away from what could be, as it most certainly was for me, a beautiful experience.


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