Blinded By Penis

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Don’t let the title scare you off; this isn’t something dirty.  Those of you close to me will know that I am quite comfortable in my sexuality.  I can openly tell you when I think someone is attractive or ugly even if they are of the same sex.  With all the Twilight craze surrounding my reading the books and going to see the movie I have had a number of discussions with my close female friends about Robert Pattinson and his role as Edward.

In my opinion Pattinson is quite stunning in the film, but in every other facet of work he does outside the film be it photo shoots, interviews, or public appearances he loses the sex appeal.  For some reason he always looks like he either just rolled out of bed, is drunk, or is stoned.  A friend of mine sent me video of an interview with Robert Pattinson from Access Hollywood, which lead to the following conversation.

Friend: Okay Mike. TELL ME he doesn’t look drop dead gorgeous here.
Me: He’s not very attractive in human form…his voice is hot, but that’s about it.  But even that is just the Brit accent.
Friend: Ugh. It must be the penis that clouds your vision.  I’m going to test this hypothesis … I know a gay boy. I’ll ask him
Friend: hmmm.  Here’s the verdict –
Gay Boy: He is decent, a lil rough looking or whatever you call it.  Scruffy?  Scraggly
Friend: mmmmm I love scruffy looking
Me: It doesn’t bother you that he always looks like he just rolled out of bed?
Friend: Michael…it…the opposite of bothers me.  You have NO idea how attractive that is.
Me: Perhaps it is the penis that blinds me…or perhaps I just have better taste in men!

The conversation went on to discuss other actors such as Johnny Depp and his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, Harrison Ford and a few other actors.  Regardless I do not find Pattinson even remotely attractive outside of his role as Edward.  With that in mind I have decided to fire up a poll to settle this once and for all.


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