Alpha Sigma Sigma

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Let’s take this from the top
Do you even remember how we got here?
It was all fun and games and then someone got hurt
Now it’s less about us, and it’s more about her

So this time I’ll play the Alpha and you’ll be a beta
Isolated with your reflection to find comfort in yourself
Those who still care will feed you I’m sure
Not knowing you can’t be trusted, unaware it’s over her

I didn’t come here for a fight
Don’t you see I’m not a threat to you?
I’ve laid my weapons down and again I walk away
There’s no prize to be won here, and no glory that’s at stake.

In the end the spoils of war are never as grand as they appear
I already have what I need and it’s not something tangible you can take
So we can continue the round and round and you can continue to bare your arms
Or we can simply go our separate ways we’ve already caused some harm

What you seek isn’t going to be found in the spoils of this war
It’s already right in front of you, but you can’t see it through the smoke
See the it, is really she, and she is not something you can win
In fact she’s something you already have, but fail to appreciate from within.

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