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Scott Russo & The Big Big BangI’m starting to think that Scott Russo is one of the hardest working sons-a-bitches in the local music circuit.  The front man for Unwritten Law whose home burned down just months ago is at it again.  In addition to his recent recording of Sinner with Big B., Scott has been working on a new side project called Scott Russo & The Big Big Bang.

The band, which is slotted as an alternative, electronica, reggae band according to their Myspace page, is collaboration between the members of Unwritten Law, Bullets and Octane, Beat Ventriloquists, and Deity.  The band has posted 4 new songs on their Myspace page and I’ve gotta be honest I’m really digging on the tracks.

The first song Kerosine has a strong reggae feel to it and really makes you want to start moving your body as the song progresses.  It’s definitely the kind of track I could enjoy in a small club setting or bar while enjoying a few drinks and getting my groove on.

The second track Sweet Pea is an upbeat song that for the most part is very stripped down, featuring a simple drum beat, upright bass and acoustic guitar with a hint of synthesizer.  Of the four tracks the band has featured on their Myspace page this is probably my favorite.  If you’re a fan of Unwritten Law this track will probably be most pleasing to your trained ear.  The song of course features the typical Russo fare of women, booze, and drugs as he sings, “Sweet Pea I’ve been thinking you and I should do some drinking and try to work this out.  Sweet Pea I’ve been thinking you and I should get high all weekend and try and work things out.”

Shake the Disease introduces us to the electronica side of the band.  The song starts with a trippy drum beat and guitar which instantly made me think of a Bond film, but as the song progressed it reminded me more of some of the more upbeat electronica works by bands like Depeche Mode.  This is another very danceable track that fans of Depeche Mode and similar artists would probably take a liking to.

The final track featured on the bands page is Shotgun.  Russo fans who enjoyed his collaboration with Big B. on Sinner will find this song enjoyable as it has a very similar feel; featuring a hip hop drum beat and Russo’s melodic vocals at the forefront of the song.

Overall I think these are a solid four tracks from the band and I am looking forward to seeing if the bands releases any future tracks.  Those interested in the band can see them live at Spaceland in Silverlake, California on April 24th.  The band played the Viper Room this past Saturday, but I haven’t been able to dig up any reviews to see what fans thought of their performance.

If you went to the show or have seen them live hit me up and leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you thought!


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