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It seems that these days more and more bands are taking to social media to market their music.  Earlier today fellow SEO and blogger Audrey Seiberling shared with me the news that pop-punk veterans New Found Glory were streaming their new album Not Without A Fight on their Myspace page before it’s official release on March 10th.  Being a long time New Found Glory fan I of course had to go check it out.  Like most I’m sure, it’s rare that I am on a Myspace page long enough to listen to music in any length, but being this was a full album I obviously had to hang out on the page for a while to listen.  It’s then I discovered just how sneaky Myspace can be.

Ads in Myspace Music PlayerAfter listening to probably 4 or 5 tracks the music on the page suddenly stopped.  Mind you I am used to Myspace music players conking out quite frequently, but being that I really wanted to hear the album I decided to check it out and see what was up rather than just close out the Firefox tab.  What I found waiting for me was a pop up advertisement prompting me to click to continue listening to the music.  I didn’t have to click the ad to continue hearing tracks from the album, I just had to click on the link that says continue listening to music.  However it leads me to believe the less savvy probably click on the full ad more often than not.  Talk about a sneaky way to get ad clicks.  This seems to repeat every few songs, which gets very irritating after the 3rd or 4th time doing it.

I will say this, I don’t have a problem with Myspace pushing ads, but my suggestion is to plug them into the top of the player and have them cycle every few songs rather than force listeners to stop what they are doing to resume play.   Reason being is this 1) I’m a busy guy.  I was being social, proofreading a guest post, and chatting it up with David Harry about Matt Cutts and the ‘Brandy’ update.  I don’t have time to toy with your damn ads. 2) Your ad was for all intensive purposes a popup; through all these years of being one of the top social media sites have you not learned from internet user feedback that people hate popups? 3) This is enough to derail the listener experience and ruin it for the bands.  If you want to drive people to your website by getting bands to promote exclusive content like this then don’t drive those listeners, and potential ad revenue providers away.  Many people less tech savvy may think the popup is malicious and leave the page completely to protect themselves.

Honestly Myspace, I love you, if for nothing the nostalgia and the fact that most of my family won’t convert to Facebook or any other social site I use.  But seriously don’t start getting sneaky with your ads, especially the way you’ve done it with Myspace music.


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