Mixwit May Add Yet Another Social Feature In The Near Future

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A few months back I was turned on to Mixwit while browsing through my reader one day.  Prior to reading a blog post about it, I was unaware that sites like Mixwit even existed. Mixwit is a media mash up platform that allows users to create unique “mix tapes” that can have completely customized skins and add tracks from Skreemr and Seeqpod by default, or they can provide tracks from an outside site that hosts MP3’s.

The site which originally allowed you to only create a mix and share it with friends via various outside social platforms such as Facebook or Myspace, took a step to make itself more social in late July when it added friend/fan capability.  I quickly added my few real life friends that were using the service, but following the addition of some outside fans I realized that the Mixwit site was severely lacking in something; the ability to communicate with other mixers.

Following the closure of Muxtape I gained a couple of new fans on Mixwit following a comment I made in one of Michael Wiegand’s plurks about alternative services to Muxtape.  The downside is that Michael and I aren’t friends outside of Plurk.  I have no way of sharing my thoughts on his mixes unless I go on Plurk and tell him.  This troubled me a bit because I really enjoyed a couple of his mixes.  So late last week I shot a quick note to Mixwit using their feedback page with the following, “I love your service I use it almost daily to trade mixes with a co-worker.  But I was thinking that it would be cool if you could leave comments on peoples mixes.  Obviously they should be able to be moderated, but I thought it would be kinda cool.  Just my thoughts…”.  I was excited to find a response in my e-mail on Saturday from the Mixwit co-founder Radley.  The response read, “it’s something we have planned to release soon…”  If this is true and they follow through with this we will soon have the ability to add comments to other people’s mixes, which I think will add a totally great element to the service.

I can only hope that “soon” in terms of upgrades to their service runs in a similar fashion to replies to their feedback since Radley’s response was VERY timely.  If you haven’t checked out Mixwit I highly recommend it.  I’ve created over 40 different mixes with varying themes and probably won’t stop until people stop listening to them or the site pulls the plug.  Feel free to check out my mixes.

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