Blink-182 Kick Off New Album Neighborhoods with a Nine Year Old Tune

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blink-182I have been a huge fan of Blink-182 since the 90’s.  Cheshire Cat, Buddha, Dude Ranch, and Enema of the State were the soundtrack to my high school years.  So when they announced they were back from hiatus in 2009 I was ecstatic. Of course today when they announced you could stream the Neighborhoods album online I was even more ecstatic, but when the album kicked off with the song “Ghost on the Dance Floor” a familiar tune hit my ears.  I ran through the catalog of Blink 182 songs in my head, then I dug a little deeper and ran through the catalog of +44 and Angels and Airwaves songs in my head, but when I dialed it back a bit further I remembered a song by the short lived Blink-182 side project Box Car Racer.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Box Car Racer, they were the very first Blink-182 side project taht formed in 2001.  The band stemmed out of boredom between tours following the September 11 attacks as a way for Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker to experiment with material that wasn’t suitable for the Blink-182 sound. During it’s short tenure the band released a self titled album and two singles. The second single off the album was titled “There Is”, and that is where a nearly decade old melody meets the first track on the new Blink-182 album.

Below is a sample from the song Ghost on the Dance floor merged with a sample from the song “There Is” from Box Car Racer’s 2002 release.

There Is A Ghost On The Dance Floor

Though “There Is” is a much slower song, the vocals on “Ghost on the Dance Floor” carry a very familiar tune.

While this one track has haunting similarities to Blink’s original attempt at a more mature sound, I must say that regardless of the comparisons and gripes that the new album “Neighborhoods” is too much like +44, or too much like Angels and Airwaves, or too much whatever, I really like the new album.  It’s a solid effort from a band that was off the grid for much too long.  If you haven’t checked it out already head over to and give it a listen with the “neighbors” in your city.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my assessment of the two songs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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