Taylor Swift: Fred – A Taylor Swift and Freddy Krueger Mashup

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Yesterday, Taylor Swift and the Cracker Barrel announced that select Taylor Swift Merchandise would be available at Cracker Barrel locations.  Accompanying the announcement was a photo of Taylor in a grey and red striped sweater.  When I looked at the photo the first thing I thought to myself was, “Taylor Swift and Freddy Krueger must shop at the same clothing stores.”  Yes, I realize that Freddy Krueger technically wears a red and green sweater, however her pose in the photo combined with the red and grey stripes made it hard not to make a comparison.  After spending the day thinking about it I couldn’t help but poke fun at it and this is the end result.  I present to you Taylor Swift’s FRED.  If you’re not familiar with Taylor’s work, FRED is a play on her most recent album RED.

Taylor Swift as Freddy Krueger


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