International Twilight Day

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I’ve been laying low lately when it comes to Twilight posts since I’ve moved most of my Twilight inspired writing over to Where Is Edward Cullen?  However, I decided to take a moment to jump back over here for the to share something we’re really excited about over at Where Is Edward Cullen.  One of the writers for the site and the writer of the infamous Debunking the Anti-Twilight Propoganda series, came upon an interesting phenomenon on July 22 of this year the solar and lunar events that make up the titles of each of the Twilight books.  We will not only experience the daily “Breaking Dawn” and “Twilight”, but there will also be a “New Moon” and “Eclipse” that day.

To celebrate this rare event we’ve decided to declare July 22, 2009 International Twilight Day.  A day for fans of the series to celebrate their fandom and show their appreciation for author Stephenie Meyer, her books, and the films based on them.  The Where’s Edward site is sure to have more features about this as we get closer to the date.  We’ve also struck up a conversation about the day at most of the major Twilight forums.

We hope you Twilight fans will join in the fun and tell your fellow Twilighters all about it.

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