Hooked Again

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So Misty and I are re-hooked on Degrassi: The Next Generation. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the show that keeps us hooked. I’m a bit annoyed though, I had to download an episode off the net because the US is retarded and isn’t willing to play an episode that deals with teenage abortion. I wish our country wasn’t so naive and jaded and realize that the world isn’t this perfect pure place. The show never ceases to amaze me with the topics it covers. Rape, Drugs, homosexuality, self mutilation, and much more and it is all aimed at a teenage audience which I think is really good. It gives the viewers something to relate to if they are going through something similar. I gotta hand it to the Canadians, they really know how to focus on the issues. Not only that but the actors seem really down to earth. We caught a few behind the scene shows and I was surprised that the actors didn’t bother getting all done up for it. They literally looked like they had just woke up in a lot of them. So if you get Noggin watch Degrassi if you are into the whole teenage Canadian show thing. = )

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