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A couple years ago I did a post on how to buy from local growers and suppliers in an effort to go green and go local.  At the time my local and organic produce mostly came from the local grocery chain Henry’s.  However earlier this year Misty and I discovered a great opportunity which allowed us to have locally grown, organic produce delivered straight to our door from a local farm.

Farm Fresh To You began in 1992 as an organic produce home delivery service under the direction of Kathleen Barsotti, the farm manager of Capay Organic.  Since then Farm Fresh to You has  expanded and now delivers organic produce fresh from the fields of Capay Organic and other local organic farms straight to homes and businesses throughout California.

Over the last month Misty and I have had our produce delivered by Farm Fresh To You as the primary source for fruits and vegetables.  The produce is delivered on a schedule that works best for you, either weekly, every two weeks or monthly.  We started with a larger box of produce every two weeks, but found that it was simply too much produce for what we would use on a regular basis.  We then switched to a weekly smaller delivery, which yielded too much fruit on a regular basis but just enough vegetables for the week, so we have since switched to a medium sized delivery every two weeks in hopes that it will be just right.

Switching to Farm Fresh To You for our produce has forced us to do a number of things we weren’t doing before.  First we are hyper aware of our produce stock, which means we have been much less wasteful.  Second we are being forced to cook healthier meals using a variety of fruits and vegetables that we probably wouldn’t have normally purchased on our own.  Kale, chard, and collard greens are among some of the most common items we have been forced to find creative ways to cook with.  Had we been shopping for fresh produce on our own, we never would have introduced these ingredients into our diet.  Finally it has helped us become more organized.  Having produce delivered on a schedule forces us to sit down each week and plan out our meals.  No longer can we just wing it with whatever is in the fridge.  To ensure we don’t waste the produce we have to stick to a strict menu and plan ahead.

Overall our experience with locally delivered produce has been a pleasant one.  In fact the first day I saw the box on my door step I was so giddy I took a picture and shared the experience on twitter.  It has helped adjust our lifestyle and has made us feel a lot better about our produce buying and green living decisions.  Many produce delivery companies simply deliver produce from various locations, Farm Fresh To You is focused on delivering produce from their farms and a select few local farms they trust.  If you’re interested in Farm Fresh to You visit their website, and if you use the promo code 6164 you can save $5.


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