Do Your Part In 08’ To Save Natural Resources!

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So one of the days I was home last week I caught a glimpse of the Today show, and they were doing a feature on an elementary school class in Massachusetts that did their part to eliminate not only unwanted mail, but wasted resources as well.

By using a new online service called Catalog Choice, they canceled 4,175 unwanted catalog subscriptions in a single month. Catalog Choice was established so that you can cancel any unwanted catalog subscriptions without having to call or contact the various companies you receive the catalogs from in order to be removed from their mailing lists. Simply sign up with Catalog Choice and select those catalogs which you no longer wish to receive. Best of all IT’S FREE!

So how does this help save natural resources? Well not only does it free up space in your mailbox, but it helps preserve natural resources. Kate Sinding of The Natural Resource Defense Council reported on the Today Show that over 19 billion catalogs are mailed in the U.S. each year. These catalogs equate to 53 million trees!

Since it’s start, almost 500,000 people have signed up and have opted out of nearly five million catalogs. This alone saves nearly 225 Olympic swimming pools worth of water, the same amount of energy it would take to power 3,500 homes on an anual basis, and is roughly the equivalent of taking 6,000 cars off the road in a year.

If you’re interested in participating in this new service I strongly encourage it. It’s easy, it’s free, and all you need is one of your catalogs handy to fill out the information on the website. For more information visit If you’re interested in seeing the report from the Today show you can watch the whole segment at

If you work at a school, or your kids are in school and are interested in making a difference like the students in Massachusetts did, The Today show wants to know. Visit and let them know how your school or class did! Perhaps you can beat 4,175!

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