Continuing My Stive To Live As Green and Natural As Possible

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So today Misty and I were supposed to go to the Whole Children Whole Planet Expo up in Nothridge, CA. But unfortunately a small feud and a late start ruined our efforts and after seeing how horrible traffic was while trying to leave Corona we decided against it.

Though we missed out on some great opportunities on green and natural family living, I still did my part today to make myself and now others more aware.

While at Target I stopped by the snack bar to get an Icee and some nachos. Sadly this will probably be the last time I order nachos from Target. I discovered that instead of pulling a serving of chips from a large bag, they have the chips pre-packaged by serving. This clearly creates significantly more plastic waste than one large bag would create.

In addition to finding out about Target’s nacho serving practices and my decision to no longer order their nachos as a way to help cut back on the amount of waste we produce, I decided to try and go green with one of my favorite beverages today. While shopping at Cost Plus World Market I discovered Blue Marble Organic Pilsner; an organic beer that is brewed here in California. The beer it self has a nice full flavor and the cost wasn’t bad for a six pack. I am definitely going to consider buying this beer again in the future.

The advantages to switching to an organic beer are not only that I am putting nothing but organic ingredients in my body, but also that the farming done for the ingredients is done organically without harmful pesticides or chemicals. The beer is also brewed here in California, meaning that the short distance required to transport the beer cuts back on the pollution caused by transporting goods from one place to another.

As the year progresses Misty and I also progress with our strive to live as green and as natural as possible given our current living situation. Switching to more organic produce, making sure we recycle everything we possibly can, and cutting back on waste have been some of our biggest changes.

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