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Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve been on here. I spent some time last night catching up with some of the LJ happenings of others. Misty’s now working two jobs, which gives us just enough extra money to start putting away for the move. We finally have things right where they need to be and it feels as though our goals are not far from achievable. Meanwhile I sit here trapped in this 10 x 10 box until Monday. I’m in the middle of another bad spell with my foot. This time they did X-rays to check for any fractures or arthritis. Next week they plan to do lab work to check for gout. If it’s not any of those things it basically comes down to the fact that I’m overweight and the access weight is causing strain on my left foot which results in a very bad tendinitis. *Sigh*

The doctor put me off work until Monday. So far today has been my best day and I haven’t experienced very much pain. Saturday is the get together at Eddy and Joe’s. As long as my foot stays in this condition I should be good to go. My hopes are that we have as much fun this weekend as we did last. Rick’s BBQ was on Saturday and it was a real delight. It felt wonderful to be surrounded by friends and not feel any tension or uneasiness. It’s as though we never skipped a beat, everything was wonderful.

I started dabling in my computer nerdness again these past few weeks. I started teaching myself Javascript a few weeks back, but put it on the backburner to learn Flash MX. I purchased a book called Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash MX in 24 hours. I’m on hour 4 and have learned quite a bit about Flash that I didn’t know before. I’m going to build up my Flash, Java, and HTML knowledge again and will hopefully start putting together a new web site again in the future. My hopes are to throw together some sort of online retail site that would sell indie clothing and product. No ideas are final yet, so that concept could change. I’ve started dabbling in Myspace as well, while I started out hating the site it has become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. People from work have started finding me which I had initially hoped wouldn’t happen, but I let them add me nonetheless. My only reason initially for signing up was to view some of my friends, but when a friend from Utah asked to add me I made it a permanent thing since I knew she was using it as a form of contact with her friends out here in California. Look me up…if you can find me. = )

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