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So it’s been a great while since I have posted anything on here, and a lot of stuff has gone on. First off over the past few weeks Misty and I have completed a lot in regards to the wedding. We have completed a good handful of our “Save the Date” cards, which is a huge relief. They look really great. We used the ivory colored tags and glued a deep orange rectangle in the middle of it. On top of that is a white address label that has our names and the date, etc. And then in the bottom left corner of the rectangle there is a fall leaf punched out of various fall colored papers and a smaller leaf in the top right corner. The whole thing is finished off with a rafia loop tied through the hole in the tag. They look really neat, I am hoping to get a good scan of one to post up on here for all to see. Also we got in touch with Alisha’s aunt to discuss our cake options. We decided instead of going with a traditional wedding cake we will be having gourmet cupcakes that will be arranged on tiers to look nice. She will also be making a small layer cake for us to cut during the reception. And if that weren’t enough for your sweet tooth we will probably be asking her to make treats for a desert buffet for those who don’t like cake. We haven’t decided on a flavor or filling yet, but I think we are planning to go with a few flavors to suit everyone’s tastes.

In other excitement it seems that our financial situation is finally seeing better days. After months and months of piled up debts we are finally getting out from under them, and though there is still quite a way to go we are at least clear of overlimit and past due fees. This all thanks to the government giving us back all that great tax money they raped from us during the last year. Even better than that is two of Misty’s debts to the federal government were taken and payed off out of her tax return. The only thing I plan to spend any extra money on over the next few weeks is possibly The Cure boxed set that came out earlier this year since I have been dying to buy it.

The other nice part about having a little extra money is that we got to go out and play with it a bit. Last week we joined Misty’s parents at the Saboba casino out near Hemet. I had never been to Saboba before so it was all new to me. I had a really good time and spent most of my time at the horror slots. Any slot machine that had to do with horror movies I played. In the end however I found that the Elvira slots were my biggest fans. We came home 60 dollars richer after I spent some time with Elvira. I knew there was a reason I loved the Mistress of the Dark. All those years of watching her TV specials, and beer/doritos commercials when I was younger are paying off…Literally. haha. We also have had the chance to spend more time with our friends now that our finances have freed up a bit more. Last night we went to dinner with Alisha, Rick, and the rest of the gang to the Riverside Brewing Co. We had a lot of fun, even if the beer was awful. The food was great just as Rick had promised so it was worth the gross beer. Afterwards we head over to Brunswick Lanes in Norco to enjoy some Cosmic Bowling. I really do love Cosmic Bowling, I just hate that it appeals so much to a younger crowd. We are always surrounded by 16 years olds with no respect for anyone else. It’s really quite annoying. The plus side to Cosmic Bolwing? 4.00 beers, and nachos. Sadly, I was so stuffed after last nights dinner that I enjoyed neither of these things. I did however, have a great time regardless. I really love it when we get to hang out with all of them. It looks like in a couple more weeks we are going mini golfing which should be a lot of fun. We are also hoping to plan a camping trip with the two of them over the next couple of months so that should be fun as well.

My parents leave tomorrow for a three day adventure down by San Diego. It will be nice since it will give Misty and myself some time to ourselves to just relax without the constant nagging and pressures from my mom about the wedding. Not to mention some intimate alone time. The stress of living here is tiring, and with the wedding just around the corner they are that much worse. We are looking really hard for a place to live after the wedding, right now the problem is price.

Things are looking up here. Hopefully I’ll have more free time coming up to post more often. Until then goodnight all!

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