What I’ve Done To Be More Earth Friendly In 2008

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So with Earth Day on Tuesday I decided I wanted to post a top five list of things I have done in 2008 to become more environmentally friendly. It’s a little late, but relevant none the less. Nature and the environment have always been things I have respected and felt needed to be preserved. So at the beginning of the year my wife and I decided that we were going to make a solid effort to do our part to become more environmentally friendly. Here are the top five things we have done this year to be more eco-friendly:

5: Though we’ve always actively recycled we made a more conscious effort to recycle items from all rooms of our home. Before the focus was mainly on beverage containers.
4: Switched to environmentally friendly cleaners from companies like Method and Seventh Generation
3: Invested in the reusable cloth shopping bags. This will cut back on the number of plastic bags stores distribute.
2: Switched to organic and environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos.
1: Switched to organic produce where possible. Obviously organic produce is still up and coming in the grocery markets, but whenever possible we buy local and organic to cut back on the pollution from pesticides and transportation.


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