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So this weekend was a lot of fun. I think there was only one moment where I really didn’t enjoy myself. Misty and I woke up relatively early on Saturday to run some errands before heading to one of the two party’s we had to attend that day. The first party was for my twin cousins who were turning one. Since we took so long to get ready, Misty and I left about 30 minutes later than planned. We had hoped to be at my cousins by 2:45, instead we left the house by 2:45. We hung out there long enough to take a family picture and drop off presents before we head to Rick’s graduation party. We arrived at the party at around 3:30 and at that point almost everyone was there and eating. We walked in and all eyes were on us. Rick approached us and like any good host showed us where all the food and drinks were located and told us what was available. We filled our plates, grabbed some drinks and head out to a table. After eating we hung out for a bit and just BS about whatever. Around 4 the DJ started to play. He played a very eclectic mix of songs in Spanish as well as hip hop and R&B. Shortly thereafter Eddy showed up to party. We threw back a few more drinks and I was slowly reaching the point of a good solid buzz. Rick’s mom persisted to make me come dance, it was fun just not my usual since I am not much of a dance…especially to songs in Spanish. After a few dances we decided to work on our buzz and throw back some rum and coke. This had me going pretty good and I got a very happy buzz going…This is where my day turned around.

After finishing my drink I went to throw my cup away in the room next to the kitchen. Not thinking anything strange would happen I left alone, I then found out it wasn’t such a good idea. Rick’s cousin had walked in and decided to ruff me up a bit. Granted he was kidding, however the ways in which he touched me were kind of discomforting. After punching me and slapping me around lightly a few times I turned away from him. He then reached from behind and grabbed both my thighs. I pulled away and went back out to the table where everyone was. I told them what happened, and explained that though he was playing I was slightly disturbed. It wasn’t until later that I realized I should have been more cautious of his behavior.

After a few more drinks and a few more dances I found myself getting really hot and decided to go splash my face with cold water just to freshen up a bit. Since I was just freshening up I didn’t see the need in closing the door behind me…big mistake. As I was drying off my face I turned to throw them away, and was again attacked by Rick’s cousin. He started hitting me again and this time was trying to close and lock the bathroom door behind him. A sudden urgency of fear shot through me and I knew I had to get out of there. I forced my way through him and out the door and quickly made my way back out to where everyone else was. Misty had seen him head towards the bathroom and was right there to help. Never had I felt so scared and almost violated as I did then. The adrenaline rush brought me as close to sober as I could get and I was really upset. Everyone worked to calm me down, Eddy got me another drink and I went about my night. However the sick feeling stayed and I felt very uncomfortable the remainder of the night.

Misty had mentioned something to Rick’s mom so I think she may have tended to the situation. I still had fun the rest of the night, sadly I will from here on feel that discomfort anytime I see him. To end on a positive note I was happy to find that Misty as well of myself got to know Ruben a bit more and found his company to the liking. I find myself more and more almost feeling like part of the family when I am with Rick and the rest of the Reyes clan. And I’ve found a great comfort in hanging out with Robbie, Rick, Ruben, Alisha, and Jen. It really makes Rick’s party’s that much more enjoyable. Afterwards we head back to Rick’s for some drunken karaoke. My rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain” was nowhere near the quality it normally is, but it was fun none the less. Sunday was a wedding related shopping spree. We went to Party City, Target, Joann’s, The Scrapbooking Co., and Wal-Mart. As always shopping was great. We bought more Neo stuff and stocked up on a ton of fall related scrapping goods.

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