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Insomnia…natures way of making you write in LiveJournal. Today was interesting got up around 9:45 packed up some stuff and headed out. Ate lunch at Del Taco since today is Del Taco Sunday for Misty and I which means I pig out on a #2 Macho Size with two chicken soft tacos and Misty gets a half pound bean a cheese burrito with red sauce and half my fries and drink. I love Del Taco Sundays…I am going to miss them.

We then continued our venture out to Corona where I dropped Misty off at work. Then headed on to my parents where I had my dad help me unload two boxes of food and a tub filled with our bathroom stuff.

Joe called around 1 or 2-ish. We met at Starbuck’s and discussed what exactly was going on with the move. I told him that the move wasn’t 100% because of him, but our differences in lifestyle, cleanliness, and organization did have an effect on it. This conversation lasted for about 2 hours or so. A lot of it dragged on due to the fact I wasn’t telling Joe what he wanted to hear. He wanted a solid explanation to what he did that made me want to move. I continue to explain it wasn’t just him and finally told him I had a lot of personal reasons for moving and felt I didn’t need to explain or justify to him why. In the end it all went well. We’re still friends and he took it rather well. He is looking for a new place and if and when he finds one we can sign out of the current lease. Looks like early November at the latest.

While at Starbuck’s I did realize why I hated being back in Corona. The people…there are too many faces you know. I saw an ex-girlfriends sister while Joe and I were talking. I had hoped that she would not approach me but she did. It was beyond akward and yet quite aggrivating. I don’t want people like that knowing I am back in town. I don’t want to see those faces. Those are the people that drove me away from this town.

After Starbuck’s I went back to the ‘rents and finished some laundry and then picked up Misty. We got her some new underwear and PJ’s since she has been needing them at her work as well as a couple of tops she has been wanting. I didn’t mind spending the money since I knew she needed them and plus they look cute on her.

We finished the night unpacking the food boxes and then eating dinner with my parents. It was good. Mom barbecued some steaks and heated up some twice baked potatoes and mixed up a hell of a salad. Which reminds me. The BBQ Ranch dressing that I believe is put out by Kraft is damn good. Anyway that was my day. Now I am here writing to my hearts content while I should be sleeping since I have to get up at 8:30 tomorrow. But of course that would be too easy…Instead I wake up about an hour after going to bed craving cheez ballz and water. I get up feed to craving come back to bed and lie awake. Now here I sit…Things just can’t go right for me…Can they?

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