Vampires, Scrapbooking, and Daring to Dream

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So I spent the last thirty minutes reading about Vampire: The Masquerade. A guy at work was talking about it and I thought I’d see what it was all about. I never really understood RPG’s, the whole D&D thing never made sense to me. Is it basically a bunch of people getting together and acting? I’d really like to see one of these events, it intrigues me. Before my “vampire hunting”, if you will I was searching e-bay for pretty much anything and everything. Nightmare Before Christmas Pins, Haunted Mansion Pins, Johnny Lightning “Frightening Lightning” cars, Buffy stuff, Movie Maniacs figures, even some Elvira stuff. It amazes me how much great stuff is out there on E-bay to buy. By the way if my spelling blows it’s probably cuz I am on the verge of exhaustion, yet I can’t sleep…Anyways I found some great stuff and realized I am going to need a whole room in my house dedicated to horror collectibles and memorabilia. I want all the Buffy action figures, the Elvira action figures, all that good stuff. I just love it! So I’m a horror geek, what can I say. I got to stay home from work today, they didn’t need me and gave me the day off. I spent about 75% of my day cleaning. It was worth it though, our room looks great now. It gave me the chance to put a bunch of stuff in the garage instead of just wherever in the room. I have about 2 boxes worth of CD’s to get rid of though. It’ll be nice, I just hope Second Spin has a decent goth/industrial selection. I know their website has some, but I’m not sure that the store in Newport Beach will have much of a selection. I’ll probably post a list at some point this week just in case any crazy kids on the net want to buy them before Second Spin does. My only other option is to take the CD’s down to “Sounds Like…” since I know they have an ok Goth/Industrial used and new section. The only problem with them is that they tend to be picky about the CD’s and give you diddly squat for them…Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Tomorrow Misty and I are going to swing by a scrapbooking store up the street just to see what they have. We’re really tight on money right now and have to take Joe the rent money tomorrow. Thank god that’s finally over with. Now we can focus on our budget, get ourselves out of debt, and after the wedding finally move out on our own again.

Last night I had an odd dream. I was at a store similar to Target, and it must have been around Halloween. They had amazing displays for their Halloween merchandise. The store was done up so well that the ceiling was painted black and had little fiber-optic lights for stars. It was as though you were surrounded by the night even though you were inside a store. I was browsing through all the merchandise that for some reason was all either on sale or clearanced. I found item after item I loved, I remember in particular from my dream a black tree decoration with an evil face. I don’t know why I was so intrigued by this item, but I was. As I continued through the store I caught up with Misty who was strangely enough walking through the store with Joe. I asked her to come see the tree decoration and as we were walking back to the display with the tree decoration we saw two women folding up beautiful cardboard displays. I overheard one of the women say, “…they said just go ahead and take what you want.” I then turned to the woman and asked her if the store was giving away it’s displays. It turned out the store was letting customers take as many of the displays as they wished. Misty and I went up to the checkout counter where we verified that the store was indeed giving away it’s displays. This is where the dream got weird…

After asking the girl at the counter, another employee got on a microphone and made an announcement that the store would be closing in fifteen minutes. Misty and I rushed to find the perfect display. I had remembered an intricate haunted cast display near the entrance of the store that I really admired. We hurried towards the front of the store to try and find it, but then half way there all of the lights went out. Everyone in the store suddenly dashed for displays to take home. Misty and I seemed to be the only ones not moving. We looked around and saw person after person snatching the displays like vultures. It almost felt as if the population of customers in the store tripled. We ran towards the castle display and just as we reached it the girl behind the counter stepped out from behind it. Her eyes were yellow, much like Michael Jackson’s in the end of the video for Thriller. The only bad part is that I woke up right at this point. I have no clue what the dream meant, all I know is that it was fuckin’ strange as hell. However, after I told Misty about the dream she brought up a good point. We should start scoping out store displays early in the Halloween season and see if we can have them after the Holiday is over.

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