Today’s the Big Day!

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Well today is the big day. In just five and a half hours I will be married. The nervousness finally hit me yesterday and I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Alas I finally fell asleep around 12:30 or so. The bachelor party was last Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We started out the night at Hooters so the younger ones in my wedding party could enjoy the festivities. Afterward we head back to the hotel room we were staying at in Fullerton. After hanging out for a bit we did some bar hopping and enjoyed a few drinks. Most of which were bought by my friends :smiles:. I ran into a friend of mine that I used to work with at one of the bars. The sad part was, I was so faded I didn’t realize it was him at first. He started talking to me and I played along with it but still wasn’t sure if it was him. I think it was a mix of the booze and the dark lighting. We ended the night back at the hotel room where Rick finally got to drink since he was DD. Sadly everyone else was too faded to enjoy it with him.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the girls showed up with a surprise gift bag for us? The bachelorette crew showed up and sent up a bag containing sperm candy, open condoms, a vibrator, and penis suckers. Let the gay fun begin!

Last night was my first night this week I wasn’t stressed. Everything was done, no one was nagging me, and I got to spend time with some of my closest friends. Rick picked me up at about seven and after I gave my parents, Rick, and his brother their gifts for being in the wedding and helping we head out for the night. We picked up Joe after stopping at Best Buy and head out to Riverside for the Mission Inn Ghost Walk. It was really really lame, but at least the money went to help kids in the local ballet. The stories are allegedly true, however the people telling them were either horrible story tellers or kids with horrible reading skills. It made it kinda difficult to follow. I think the first and last stories were perhaps the best, solely because the reader did a good job. The only other exciting part of the night was that at the end of the tour you walk through a store called DragonMarsh. I only got to briefly look at the items they had, but I noticed they had a huge selection of witchy things and a wall full of herbs. I was really excited by this and I think on the 30th I am going to take Misty down there so we can see some more stuff. If you want to check it out their website is

Well I am off to finish my bowl of chicken corn chowder. The next time I post in here it will be about the honeymoon in Yosemite. We leave tomorrow.

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