There’s Gonna Be A Wedding

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So it’s official, as of yesterday August 4th, 2003 Misty and I are officially engaged. Granted we are totally ass backwards when it comes to this whole thing, but what are you gonna do. She was with me when we picked out and bought the ring, she was with me when I picked up the ring. How nuts is that? It’s extremely exciting to say the least. We set the date for October 23, 2004 and it will be fall themed and with fall colors. I know I mentioned this before, but now it’s OFFICIAL. We went last night and told both our parents and showed them the ring. The stone is a half karat diamond shaped like a heart. Not everyone knows yet, mostly close friends and a few people at work here and there. I’d love to write more right now but I am tired. I’ll be sure to post more frequently so I can keep everyone up to date.

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