The year spins 7-7-7 and I come out a winner…

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So the wheel of the year 2007 brought us 7-7-07. It appears that the spin of three 7’s brought me an awesome month and a ton of good luck. The first half of the month was spent with friends and family close by.

We wrapped up June by joining friends to celebrate Russell’s birthday at the local pizza joint and then ended the night hanging out at Joe’s parent’s house for some drinking and dunking…Well actually Jorge did the dunking and Nohemi was dunked, the rest of us just watched.
The following night Misty and I had a barbecue. Though the turnout was small the fun was anything but. There was tons of food, music, spanking, furniture humping, and Joe getting naked…Well almost. Needless to say there was not a moment that lacked excitement.

The first part of the night we mostly hung out and ate, but then later in the night we whipped out the board game 7 Deadly Sins since Nohemi had agreed to play the last time we all hung out. The game was a riot! People were spanked, pillows were violated, secrets were told, food was misused, and Jorge purred like a kitten.

Russel humping a pillow during a game of 7 deadly sins.On the fourth we were supposed to join Eddy and the gang for the annual 4th of July barbecue, but after numerous alterations to the barbecue plans and the fact that I wasn’t sure of my school schedule we didn’t make it. When I found out late the night before that there was no school I remembered that we were also invited to our friend Jason’s in Fontana. We were really close to going to his barbecue, but after we were offered the chance to go swimming at my cousins barbecue we decided against it. Misty and I stayed in Corona and went to my cousins house for some swimming and chicken tacos. The day was a lot of fun and it was the first time in a long time we were able to hang out with my mom, grandma, and all my cousins.

On July 6th I decided to throw a “6th of July” barbecue. I figured I still had tons of alcohol and food left from the previous weeks barbecue so, why not? Nohemi, Jorge, Deana, Rich, Russell, Joe, Jose, Rubi, Jason and Brianne all joined us for the festivities. We dabbled in some drinking games, but after we discovering that the dice were rigged and always landed on Chug-Chug we gave up since the bloating was unbearable. We ended the night with the We Love the 80’s board game for kicks. The game didn’t result in nudity or spankings, but it was fun none the less.

The next day we returned to my cousins house for more swimming and to celebrate my cousins’ birthdays. This time the whole family was there and everyone had an awesome time. We spent most of the afternoon in the pool trying to bash one another with one or more beach balls.

However, this past weekend was the busiest of them all. On Friday we celebrated my dad’s birthday with a barbecue with close family. It wasn’t the barbecue to end all barbecue’s, but I made some pretty damned good barbecue chicken.

Saturday was Stephanie and Dave’s baby shower. Minus the heat it was a lot of fun. Stephanie and Dave got a ton of stuff for the baby. And though most of the guests were friends and family of Dave’s everyone seemed to get along great and have a good time.

Sunday was Rylee’s first birthday party. Though the menu for this party was incredible, Misty and I didn’t last longer than about an hour and a half. Some of the kids that attended the party were extremely bratty with no regard for others around them. One of the kids was so bad he actually took Travis’ bow and arrow down off the wall and pointed it at Travis. Note that the bow in arrow is 1) real and 2) Hung up out of reach for a reason. In the end I got tired of Misty playing babysitter and I decided we needed to leave.

We spent the latter part of the afternoon doing some light shopping. Misty finally found a pair of maternity shorts that fit her for a decent price, I picked up a new Stewie shirt, and we grabbed a few tiny Halloween items from Michael’s. Fortunately this year though cool looking, the Halloween merchandise all looks cheap or flawed so I didn’t have much desire to buy a lot of things. We grabbed a handful of small items and left spending only about seventeen dollars. We ended our shopping trip searching Target, Best Buy, and Walmart for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD. Target didn’t have any Harry Potter DVD’s, Best Buy had all of them but Goblet of Fire, and Walmart only had Goblet of Fire in Fullscreen. My hope was to get Goblet of Fire since it was the only movie we are missing in the series and watch them all before we go to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but it looks like I may have to wait to watch the fourth film again.

After our shopping trip we headed back to Misty’s parents to enjoy the rest of Rylee’s first birthday. Most of Hollie and Jimmy’s friends had left and everything had calmed down. Apparently in our absence a water fight broke out, the kid that was being a brat got worse, and Tiffany busted open some guys hip with an egg… On the way to the party I stopped by Circle K and picked up the new Bud Light with Clamato drink that everyone had drank the day before. I was actually quite impressed with the drink. It reminded me of a very mild Bloody Mary, so if you like Bloody Mary’s or Clamato I highly recommend picking one up. They come in Bud and Bud Light.

But the highlight of the month so far partying and barbecues aside was today. I walked into work at 7:00 am the same way I do every day. After about an hour of being at work the director of my department walks up and logs me out of my phone and tells me to wrap up my issue and then come to his office. After the write ups I got a few months back for attendance I was extremely nervous since I did have a few lates earlier in the month and we have been going through some insane policy changes at work regarding attendance. When I entered my directors office I was greeted by Audrey from our marketing department and of course my director. To my surprise I was actually being called in to be promoted! I am now being trained as a Website Marketing Specialist. In turn I get a raise, my job is a lot less stressful, and I don’t deal with all the asshole customers anymore.

The promotion was completely out of left field and I had not applied for the position or been offered it previously. The whole experience so far has been awesome, and what I learn from this job will help me immensely in my outside website work as well.

Needless to say July’s lucky 7’s have been showering me in winnings and it’s only just begun. On Friday we may find out what sexes the babies will be, Saturday is finally our trip to Disneyland, and who knows what else the coming weeks hold. I am so thankful for all the good times I’ve had this month with my close friends and family. I truly have been fortunate to have such an awesome month and I hope that the rest of the year continues to bring such good fortune and fun.

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