The Latest Addition To My Desktop Family

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Thanks to the randomness of Audrey I now have added a new member to my desktop family…Wee Little Leprechaun. Here’s the latest family portrait from my desk!

My desktop family; introducing the leprechaun.

From left to right: Mr. Bones and his coffin with my fortune cookie fortune that reads, “Good things are bein said about you”, Wee Little Leprechaun, The Lucky Penny Audrey gave me when I had the plague, frog with my fortune that reads, “You have the makings of a leader”, Rat Bastard reading the story of Wee Little Leprechaun, and finally Webby the spider. (Yes I was lame enough to name all these while writing this post…Fortunately Wee Little Leprechaun came named…)
So with that said, welcome to the desktop family Wee Little Leprechaun, and thanks Audrey.

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