Running Up That Hill

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Let me steal this moment from you now…

So many of you may have probably noticed that I haven’t been around the net much over these last couple of weeks.  My blogging has been scarce and off topic and my presence on a number of social outlets has been slim to none.  Let me assure you I am near my return and hope to have the blogging and social networking back in full swing in the coming weeks.

The last couple of weeks were spent in the process of a transition from one company to another.  During that time a lot of my creative and topical writing efforts were geared towards pumping out eight blog posts for my previous employer.  Each post was geared at giving real estate professionals a primer on how to better their websites and better their brand using social media.  Even though I left the company my written posts will be released weekly through March 4.  So far they have released Real Estate Content Writing, Social Media Awareness, How To Connect With Potential Clients Using Q&A Sites, and today the posted Blogging For Your Real Estate Website.  Over the coming weeks the final posts will come out and cover topics like call to action, landing pages, getting your website organized, and giving your website a checkup.  Again these are just primers for real estate professionals, but I welcome your thoughts or feedback if you have any.

Let’s exchange the experience…

Mike Wilton and Kristina Sanchez during Mike Wilton's going away dinner.The departure from my previous employer of course prompted a few celebratory / parting dinners for me, so that cut into a bit of my time also.  Needless to say there was plenty of good times to be had and shenanigans to unfold.

Then last Thursday I began work at the new company.  I think this is going to be a great opportunity for me and I am really enjoying the people and the atmosphere already.  The most amusing facet of the transition so far though was having the news picked up on by Read Write Web’s Jobwire.  I spent the first few days at the new place looking over someone’s shoulder and learning the ins and outs of how their SEO team does stuff, but as of today I was set free to unleash havoc in the form of SEO on websites.

Sadly I am getting over this weeks hump on sort of a crappy note.  I’ve been sick the last couple of days which has made me very out of it and very blah.  One of my first ventures when I return to actual blogging will be updating the song links in my Twilight Soundtrack as well as the other Twilight inspired playlists I created.  With Mixwit closing down visitors have been unable to hear all of the songs that I chose.  Once I get that out of the way I have a few posts in mind that I hope to have up in the coming weeks.


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