Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye To All Our Company

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So tonight was probably the final annoyance that will bring this living situation to an end. Tomorrow Misty and I pack everything except the entertainment center items and kitchen goods. Nicole decided she wanted to keep the cat and her step dad won’t let her keep it so naturally it would live here. This place haunts me and the truth is I don’t like coming home at night knowing at least one of them will be here. So what does this mean for Misty and I? Well hopefully we can find a place to live and can get out of the lease by the end of this month. If we can get out of the lease but can’t find a place to stay right away we will be staying with my parents for the time being. Right now my mind is in so many places. I know I haven’t given the whole story but in essence I told Joe he doesn’t pick up after himself nor does Nicole, how could the take care of and clean up after a cat. I don’t want it here, it will cause too many issues for Salem and Phantom as well as cost Misty and I more money than we have. I’m torn right now…torn in ways I don’t want to be. I don’t want to live at my parents, I don’t want to live here. I want to live where Misty and I can just be…A place where we can call our own…a place that won’t be infested with the poisons and disgust that the other two bring into this “home” if you will. I call it shelter from the cold…home is where the heart is. My heart is not here….

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