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Well it’s been just over three months since my last post and in that time not a whole hell of a lot has happened. I’ve had contact with practically no one over these past months, and while my feelings regarding this are somewhat apathetic I wonder what the future holds. Misty scored a part time job at a dry cleaning establishment, which has bumped our income up just enough to make things work to our advantage. We’ve started purchasing items to fill the new abode for when we move and so far we have been very pleased with our choices. The goal is to be moved out by late March early April, but only time will tell what happens. I’ve spent a lot of my free time toying with my video game obsession as well as sleeping. The other 75% is spent in the never ending cycle of employment which begins each morning with an hour and fifteen minute commute to Anaheim. On a positive note I was finally given the permanent position as the “A” Lead on the Boardwalk attractions leaving me a lot of opportunity to advance.

I’ve been dying as of late to find a creative outlet. I downloaded some more songs just as a way to get me back in the swing of my old habits while Misty’s at work, but it still doesn’t feel the void of creativity. I’m really looking at the possibility of working on some kind of Flash based animation as an outlet when we get our new PC. I’m already pricing the Intuos 9×12 tablet to draw my artwork with in hopes of developing a new site and character line for people to view.

Anyways I think I’m gonna quit writing now. Nothing too exciting to report and I’m chatting with my sister in law on AIM. Night everyone!

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