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I haven’t done much posting lately unless it was a comment on someone else’s journal, which is funny since I have had plenty go on these past couple of weeks. Last weekend Misty and I actually took a trip to the mall to do some window shopping. Usually I will shy away from trips like these, mostly due to my disgust for most people and the fact that the people in Riverside County have made me despise people that much more. Usually a trip to the mall means Spencers, Game Stop, and Hot Topic, with not much in between. Needless to say the mall really tried my patience. We went in almost every store that had something of interested, Cinnabun and then to Barnes and Noble. I never really fathomed how awful the mall was, granted usually my mall shopping is done some time during the week. It reminded me so much of the scenes in Dawn of the Dead where the zombies continue wandering aimlessly through the mall with no apparent direction and with no concern for those around them. Next time I should be sure to bring my trusty Boomstick and any other assorted objects that can blow or lob off heads. *Grin* Perhaps the only thing really interesting to mention about the mall was the Abercrombie and Fitch store. Now I’ve seen plenty of the live mannequins before where some poor soul is payed to stand in place for a few hours to draw the attention of those who pass by, but nothing prepared me for what I saw at the entrance of this Abercrombie and Fitch store. It was by far one of the most vain attempts to catch your attention and suck in shoppers that I have ever seen. Rather than have a “live mannequin” in the window they went with a little bit more of a casual approach. They took a young male with a perfectly sculpted body, threw him in some Abercrombie jeans and had him stand there greeting people as they walked in. No shirt, no shoes, but plenty of service for all the young girls walking in. YIKES!

Monday through Friday consisted mostly of work and sleep. Saturday night we went over to Rick’s house for a bit to hang out and throw back a couple of drinks. I finally went to 7-Eleven and picked up a Spark’s to try after hearing so much about it at Misty’s parents house. Her sister and her friends drink them like water, and I was dying to see what was so exciting about this new alcoholic beverage. To my surprise they were actually very good. Imagine drinking any of the citrus flavored energy drinks (i.e. Red Bull, Amp, Hansens Energy) and then adding 6% alcohol by volume to it. Not too shabby. The only problem is I can see why they can drink them like water. It tastes so much like an energy drink and you don’t taste the alcohol. Not to mention the caffeine in it would probably prevent you from ever passing out making it that much easier to keep drinking. Props to the makers of Spark’s, now I have something new to order if I go to clubs. Let’s just hope the clubs hear my cries!

Finally yesterday Misty and I stayed home and did some laundry and worked on wedding plans. We refined the guest list a bit, added in the addresses of those we’re inviting so the information is all right there at our fingertips. And finally to continue in our backwards wedding plans, we booked our honeymoon. Which brought laughter throughout the house considering how backwards we have been since day one. We had wedding ideas before we had a ring. We went and got the ring before I proposed. And now we have the honeymoon booked before we even have her dress….Go figure. We’ll be spending 4 days in Yosemite at The Blackberry Inn. A beautiful Bed & Breakfast in Groveland, California in the Northern Part of Yosemite National Park. With the honeymoon package we get The Bramble Rose Room, a picnic basket for two, complimentary bottle of wine or champagne, a collection of votive candles in the room for ambiance, and a bouquet of flowers. It will be the perfect getaway for our current financial situation. It shouldn’t cost us more than $900 for the total trip including food, gas, and the room, which is perfect since Disney World or New Orleans would have put our trip costs into the thousands. The best part is that we’ll be going in the off season for tourism so it should be fairly quiet and most of all the Only seven months to go and I think the stress is finally settling in a bit. I’ve been a lot more irritable as of late when it comes to finances and the wedding. Thankfully Misty has tried to be supportive as possible while under similar stress. I still have to ask Robbie if he will be one of my groomsmen, sadly every time I see him I totally forget since we get so wrapped up in the moment when all of us are together. We ended last night by watching the last half of the Oscar’s. Wasn’t too surprising that Lord of the Rings swept the show. Sadly movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Fish were left in the dust. Oh well, the trilogy is over which means there will be plenty of chances for new movies to win next year.

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