The Official Launch of Nevermore Search Marketing

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Though it underwent a soft launch a couple of weeks ago, Monday marked the official launch of my new internet marketing specific website and blog Nevermore Search Marketing.  Over the years I have shared my knowledge and tips on search engine marketing and social media mixed in with the potpourri of other musings I share on this blog.  However, as my love for these forms of internet marketing intensified and I knew that internet marketing would fall into my long term career path, I knew I would eventually have to separate Musings For A Darkened Room from the professional side of my writing.

Over the last six months I developed Nevermore Search Marketing as both an income resource and an educational resource.  By providing an array of internet marketing services including SEO consulting, social media marketing,  and blog consulting I hope to set myself apart in the Southern California SEO market by providing individualized services grounded in ethical marketing techniques to provide long term SEO success.

In addition to my services I plan to continue my contributions to the internet marketing community by offering informative blog posts about SEO, Social Media, and blogging the same way I have on this blog over the last few years.  If you are a long time reader of Musings For A Darkened Room who enjoyed these types of posts I strongly recommend you head over to the Nevermore Search Marketing Blog and subscribe to the RSS feed and join the Google Friend Connect and MyBlogLog communities, the way so many of you have done here on Musings For A Darkened Room.

From here on out the posts on Musings will focus primarily on the off the wall posts it was known for years ago; music, Halloween finds, current events, and the like.  Thank you again to all of my readers over the years and I hope you will continue to read Musings For A Darkened Room in addition to the new Nevermore Search Marketing Blog.


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