It’s Like High School, Without the Real Life Drama

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So I’ve spent the last week or so obsessing over “The-N” a.k.a Noggin. A satellite channel I recently discovered. The network only plays like 10 shows in a constant rotation, but I have fallen in love with it. I’ve become addicted to a Canadian show called “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. Apparently, it’s the newest in a series of shows that have been around since the seventies. It’s about these Canadian high school kids with typical teenage drama, however for some reason I can’t get enough of it. Misty and I have watched it religiously over the last week or so. The other excitement about Noggin is that they rerun “Daria” and “My So Called Life”. Two shows I loved in Junior High/High School. I forgot just how great My So Called Life was until I started watching it again. No show has ever captured the reality of what it was like being a teenager back in the hay day of grunge, flannel, and teenage angst. God it’s such a great show. I looked in to buying the complete series at Best Buy a while back and it was almost eighty bucks. Thankfully I have found it on for just over fifty. It will be mine…In time. If you get Noggin…check it out. It’s channel 298 if you have Direct TV. The network is aimed a lot at teens, but it’s entertaining none the less.

In real life Misty and I have been working even harder at the stuff for the wedding. We finished “Save the date” cards, put them all in an envelope and are now just preparing to send them. Next mission: Invitations. These are probably gonna take the longest, however we got about 50% of the hard work done today. Punching out leaves, cutting card stock, all that fun stuff. I punched out about one hundred damn bare trees. The punch we have is a pain in the ass, so punching with it was like a work out. To top that off, our damn cats kept trying to steal the trees after I punched them out.

Misty and I also succumbed to buying the Neopets gigapet things. Little bastards were on clearance at target for like three bucks so we got em’. I kinda miss playing Neopets online now. Ok so I’m like a little kid, so what. It gives me something to do. My neopet is a Shadow Kacheek in the Haunted Woods. I named her Emily, and she greets people by insulting them. *Sigh*

Misty and I have also been working on our plans for our wedding shower. We decided not to have just a bridal shower, so we are going to have it co-ed and call it a wedding shower. We are having it Luau themed. We are going to have all sorts of fun stuff like Tiki’s, and leis, and stuff. It should be tons of fun. We also went back to Target and practically registered for their whole candle aisle. So now our wedding registry at Target is up to 359 items. Woo Hoo, I love registering. I can’t wait til’ we have babies and I get to do it all over again. hehe.

We’ve also gone Garage Sailing over the last two Saturdays. It think it is going to be kind of a ritual for us now. Not too many exciting finds this past Saturday. We only came home with a couple of Halloween cookie stamps, a cool dragon incense burner, and a bracelet. Nothing compared to the week before when we scored the five dollar wrought iron wall sconce, and half the set of Universal Monsters beanies. I’m hoping to score some more horror stuff and/or video games as we continue our new ritual. So that’s about all really. I haven’t had too much go on, yet I have at the same time. Life is good…

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