I Hate The Mall

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So I remembered today why it is I hate the mall…It’s filled with Lemmings. Stupid reject Lemmings. They all walk the same, talk the same, act the same, dress the same, and drone on like the miserable little freaks they are. You have your hip-hop kids, your preps, and of course there are the neo-punk/emo kids. I’m just sick of seeing it. It’s like clone after clone everywhere you go anymore. I think I saw like 3 kids today that actually had their own unique style and they were like 14. WTF? Meanwhile Misty almost had to bitch slap some black hoe who felt the need to run her mouth. On our way out of the mall some black chick that was talking to some ghetto guy at one of the carts backed into Misty and then had the nerve to turn around and shout, “Excuse you!” Misty gave her shit back telling her that she backed into her, and then in ebonics the bitch rambled on some meaningless gibberish that I couldn’t translate. I hate the mall, I hate people, and all you clones need to go somewhere and die already!

After the mall we head over to Joann’s to check on stamps for the wedding. They already started getting their fall/Halloween stuff in. I am mega excited. I splurged and already bought a little witch figurine for like 3 bucks. We also scored some really nice fall leave cupcake cups. I saw a whole mess load of Halloween stuff I need to go back and buy. All witchy and black cat like. I love it!

Afterwards we head to Target where I picked up a Wonka bar on clearance. It was like eighty-nine cents or something like that. I had never had one so I thought I’d try it. Not too bad, would have been better if I had got the golden ticket. Which reminds me I left it in the center console in my car…I hope it doesn’t melt before I leave for work tomorrow. That would suck to have to clean up. EGH!

After Target we head over to Wal-Mart and picked up a new CD rack to store all our CD’s and video games. It worked out quite nicely and we were able to get rid of the box that was currently holding all our CD’s and junk. It also gave us an opportunity to redo the room a bit. I think we are going to get a small little workstation desk to set up to replace the dresser that the computer currently resides on.

Yesterday was fun, we went to the beach only to find that there were three thousand people there and not one fire pit was available. We left ten dollars poorer and no hot dogs or marshmallows roasted. We head back to our place and decided to BBQ the hot dogs and then roasted marshmallows over the little wood burning chimney my parents have set up in the back yard. It wasn’t quite the beach, but it was fun.

Tomorrow is the first day I will work the new lead schedule, it should be interesting. We have a four hour overlap to watch over the attractions, the rest of the time we’re on our own. It’s going to be a huge change going from 2 to 4 attractions. It should keep me on my toes though. I’ll really have to focus on time management.

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